Meet the ambitious startups in the Spring 2018 HighTechXL accelerator program

Meet the ambitious startups in the Spring 2018 HighTechXL accelerator program

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To secure a place in the upcoming HighTechXL Spring 2018 acceleration program, 18 high-tech startups battled it out in a fast-paced Impact Finals event hosted at the ASML headquarters in Veldhoven. In the end, 10 startups made the final cut.

HightechXL, previously known under the Startupbootcamp brand but since two years operating independently, is a hardware and high-tech accelerator based in Eindhoven, a region focused on R&D and high tech business. By partnering with the big corporates in the area, it has developed a 3-month acceleration program specialized to support hardware startups to go from prototype to market.

So, here they are, the 10 ambitious startups in HightechXL’s Spring 2018 program:


 Based in the United Kingdom, AirBliss+ created a smart air pollution breathing mask. AirBliss+ emphasizes excellent user-experiences such as fit, ease of cleaning and ease in breathing, eliminating heat and humidity.

UBIK Solutions

UBIK, from Estonia, has developed an all-in-one device that helps solar-panel owners in residential areas increase solar efficiency.


From Mexico, Mini Fab3D designs and manufactures high-end 3D printers, robotic arms, computer numerical control devices and laser cutters. Their goal is to develop new technology including bringing a high-resolution stereolithography printer to market at an accessible price.

Applied BioTech

Their core technology is a sustainable enzymatic process for the production of capsaicinoids, the spicy molecules from chili peppers. That’s right, hot peppers. In turn, those capsaicinoids are used as organic pest repellants, coatings, in making pharmaceuticals and, of course, pepper sprays for self-defense. The team is from Mexico.


Tusti is a high-tech recycling company, founded in 2015 by the cooperation of Technical University of Eindhoven, Holding and Stiphout (Stiphout Industries, Stip Recycling and Stiphout Plastics). Among other innovations, Tusti has developed a cleaning process to remove frying oil from high-density polyethylene, a polyethylene thermoplastic made from petroleum, making it easier to recycle.


From Eindhoven, Hipermotion developed a new medical rehabilitation and training machine, the MaxDFM, using patented dynamic force modulation technology.


Frpm Eindhoven Medical Robotics, Recath has developed a minimally invasive robotic catheterization technology. The steerable device utilizes Bluetooth.

Flow Matters

Flow Matters offers consultancy services and software for fluid dynamics simulations to help engineers at high-tech companies design products effectively with state-of-the-art numerical models translated from fundamental and applied research into the industrial practice.

StormRam 4

From the University of Twente in the Netherlands, StormRam 4 is the world’s smallest and most accurate 3D-printed biopsy robot. Driven by air pressure, the plastic 3D printed StormRam 4 can be used in MRI machines, which increases the accuracy of the procedures.

MindYour Pass

MindYour Pass from the Netherlands is a security startup that has developed a system allowing people to access all digital accounts with one password while still maintaining security. Their slogan is: “No more difficult passwords to remember, yet all your external accounts secured with a strong password.”

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