5 most successful crowdfunding campaigns on the most active funding platform in UK

5 most successful crowdfunding campaigns on the most active funding platform in UK

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When it comes to taking an idea or business to the next level, crowdfunding is a great way to turn this into a reality. With a high profile and active community, one can simply find out whether the idea can really captivate the fancy of not only investors but the consumer as well.

Amidst various crowdfunding platforms, Seedrs was founded by Carlos Silva, and Jeff Lynn and the company has proven itself time and again in a relatively short time. As we look ahead to what 2019 might hold for the startup ecosystem, Seedrs, one of the UK’s biggest crowdfunding platforms had a solid 2018 and was able to fully establish themselves across Europe.

Deservedly, Seedrs was named the Most Trusted Global Equity Platform 2018, with £195M invested on the platform and 186 successful pitches. Businesses from 12 different countries were raised on Seedrs in 2018, including Sono Motors, Vultus, Tint. Yoga,  Arion and Equator.

In 2018, Seedrs also saw the very first equity crowdfunding campaigns from Norway and Sweden. Let’s take a detailed look at some of the best European campaigns that got successfully funded in 2018 on Seedrs.

Sono Motors (Germany)

Sono Motors, whose ultimate aim is to become a global mobility and energy service provider and help improve the global CO2 footprint, successfully raised over €6 million on Seedrs in October 2018. This was was the biggest equity crowdfunding raise seen in the region. Sono Motors’ raise saw over 760 investors come together and it was the crowdfunding platform’s largest-ever European crowdfunding raise to date.

ARION (Netherlands)

ARION is a Dutch startup that produces the next-generation wearable helping runners improve their technique and run faster. The company launched its campaign on Seedrs in 2018 to gain funding and enable them to market themselves in the US market. ARION successfully raised over €300,000 from almost 600 investors, which was more than double their target amount that they had started their campaign with. We are very excited to see how Arion changes the running landscape over 2019!

Vultus (Sweden)

Vultus, Seedrs’ first equity crowdfunding campaign in Sweden, raised over €400,000 in 2018. The objective of the raise was to take them through the next 18 months of their business plan and establish them as a global leader aiming to reduce 40% of fertiliser usage with global satellite analysis. During their raise on Seedrs, they were able to get investment from over 400 investors that spanned over 25 different countries.

Equator  (Norway)

Equator marked Seedrs first ever Norwegian campaign. The Norwegian startup is creating a paradigm change in light aviation by developing a usable amphibious hybrid electric aircraft. Equator successfully raised over €230,000 from more than 450 investors on Seedrs. With this funding, they’re producing their first prototype. We ’re looking forward to seeing how Equator takes to the skies in 2019.

Tint. Yoga (Germany)

Tint. Yoga provides universal access to some of the world’s best yoga teachers to offer yoga classes online. Using their website, yogis all over the world can stream videos to practice yoga and deepen their knowledge. Last November Tint. Yoga successfully raised over €300,000 from over 130 investors to establish themselves as the largest premium brand in the yoga industry and scale the company.

One of the key reasons they chose to do an equity crowdfunding round on Seedrs was that they wanted to give all of their users, including teachers and followers, the opportunity to invest in the brand and establish their community. For them it was not just a business case but a community offering – for Yogis By Yogis.

As 2019 progresses, Seedrs continues to see many more campaigns across Europe. If you think your business is ready for equity crowdfunding. Apply to raise with Seedrs today.

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