These 10 Dutch cleantech startups are striving hard to build a better planet for the next generation

These 10 Dutch cleantech startups are striving hard to build a better planet for the next generation

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Abnormal winters, unusual summers, untimely rains and storms! This shows the mess we’ve created for ourselves.

In all honesty, technology was invented with the sole purpose of providing a helping hand to the human species. But somewhere down the line, we sapiens became self-obsessed and lost the track of other important aspects like wildlife, environment and much more.

Luckily some part of the population realised the gruesome situation we got into and decided to change/reverse it by developing clean technology. For the uninitiated, the Cleantech companies aim to reduce reliance on renewable resources and promotes sustainability.

Most of the cleantech companies deal with renewable energies such as solar power, biomass, wind power and biofuels etc. Furthermore, cleantech companies make use of numerous innovative technology in an attempt to solve the world’s energy problems keeping profitability in mind.

The Netherlands is one of the very few cities in and around the world with numerous innovative cleantech startups. Thanks to incubators, accelerators and other organisations like Climate-KIC, Rockstart, Dutch CleanTech Challenge, Yes!Delft incubator and more for giving cleantech entrepreneurs a chance to test their ideas, raise capital and other crucial supports.

Having said that, the participation towards sustainable life can be done either in a smaller domestic way and a larger industrial way as well. In this article, we have come up with a list of 10 Dutch Cleantech startups To watch out this 2019 with the help of Dealroom.

Fastned (Amsterdam)

Founders: Bart Lubbers, Michiel Langezaal

Established in 2012, Fastned is building a European network of fast charging stations where all-electric cars can charge quickly with 100% green electricity. The stations will be built at A-locations along the motorway and in cities, where electric cars can be recharged in an average of 20 minutes. Fastned’s goal is to build a European network of 1000 fast-charging stations.

TaxiElectric (Amsterdam)

Founder: Uwe Fechner

Taxi Electric provides friendly taxi services in Amsterdam and aims to boost the demand for electric transportations. Notably, Taxi Electric is the first electric taxi service in Europe. The company is on a mission to make the taxi market more sustainable.

E-kite (Utrecht)

E-Kite is a Dutch high-tech start-up company active in designing, manufacturing and marketing of kite power systems. With this platform, the electricity can be generated from wind through kites at >50% lower cost of energy compared to wind turbines of similar capacity.

Black Bear (Nederweert)

Founder: Christopher Twigg

Black Bear brings the circular economy to tires. The company produce carbon black by extracting it from waste tires instead of burning the fossil fuel and convert the remains of the tires into oil and gas. These green energy sources can be converted to heat, electricity or steam, which provide an additional income stream as well.

Bin2Barrel (Amsterdam)

Founders: Floris Geeris and Paul Harkema

Founded in 2012 by Paul Harkema and Floris Geeris, Bin2Barrel is Dutch chemical recycling company that is aimed at developing plastic-to-fuel projects. The company aims to turn plastic waste into a sustainable alternative to conventional transport fuel. Furthermore, it reduces dependency on fossil fuels and saves 2 to 3 KG of Co2 emissions per litre of diesel produced.

The company will continue as ‘IGE Solutions Amsterdam BV’ after being purchased by the Australian publicly listed company Integrated Green Energy Solutions Ltd (‘IGES’) which is traded on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Land Life Company (Amsterdam)

Founders: Eduard Zanen, Jurriaan Ruys

Land Life is on a mission to reforest the world’s 2 billion hectares of degraded land. Their Cocoon planting technology is a low-cost, sustainable and scalable solution for large scale ecosystem restoration, dry agriculture, agroforestry and horticulture.

Plant-e (Wageningen)

Founders: David Strik

Plant-e develop products, that enable to generate electricity with living plants, promoting multiple land-use and plant preservation. The company aims to focus on reducing global methane emissions and treating wastewater flows.

Solease (Utrecht)

Founder: Pierre Vermeulen

Solease makes solar energy available to everyone by renting solar panels for a monthly amount that is already lower than the current electricity bill.

Viriciti team

Viriciti (Amsterdam)

Founders: Alexander Schabert, Freek Dielissen, Jan-Willem Heinen, Simon Rijk

ViriCiti offers a cloud-based monitoring system to improve electric vehicle operations. By monitoring and analyzing data of the electric vehicles up to millisecond level, real-time information including the use, condition and performance of the vehicle can be provided. With the help of this information, electric city buses and trucks can be checked.

Flo-Bro (Zuid-Holland)

Founders: Radek Oborný and Robin Rijnbeek

Flo-Bro designed Flo-Bro One, a portable filter that will help travellers save money on bottled water and prevent plastic (bottle) pollution over the world. This means that water can be filtered from any freshwater source: a sketchy tap, shower hose, river, lake, or stream. The core benefit of Flo-Bro One is membrane testing & flushing technology.

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