These 10 Venture Builders are transforming the startup model in the Netherlands

These 10 Venture Builders are transforming the startup model in the Netherlands

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Are you tired of dealing with the traditional Venture Capital (VC) model? If yes, why not consider the Venture Builder (VB) model?

What is Venture Builder model?

These are organisations that systematically build companies through a combination of start-up developments, and shared resources. There are five factors through which Venture builder engage: they recognise the business ideas, the team creation, the raising growth capital, they help manage the ventures and then provide shared services.

Unlike other accelerators and incubators, a Venture Builder develops an idea from within their own network and allots domestic teams to develop them. At Silicon Canals today, we have jotted down the list of 10 active Venture Builder based out of the Netherlands.

#1 The Main Ingredient

Based out of Amsterdam, this startup studio helps in establishing your idea into a successful business in 12 weeks. Founded by Wendy Bogers, Olivier Muller & Quinten Muller and Jason Mills, the company has a strong background in design, development, strategy and investing. At present, The Main Ingredient uses 36 technologies for its website. These include Viewport Meta, iPhone/Mobile Compatible, and Google Analytics.

#2 We are Builders

Another startup studio from Rotterdam specialised in transforming a unique idea into a robust and independent business. Founded in 2015 by Michael van Lier and Alex Buis, the company turns your idea into a solid value proposition based on the facts and a plan on how to turn it into a flourishing and independent company in a matter of just 6 weeks.

#3 Backspace

BackSpace is product studio driven by technology. It makes ideas into tangible prototypes and products. Headquartered in Amsterdam, Backspace studio was founded by Tijs Teulings, Jons Janssens and Roy Abbink in 2015.

#4 Peakfijn

Peakfijn designs and develops digital products with a strong background in the concept, design (interaction, UX/UI and visual), construction (the web and mobile) and maintenance. The company also trains tech teams by actually building the digital experience (for example, a mobile app or online application) along with the startup’s own developer.

#5 Venture Builders

Founded in 2012, Venture Builders provides its ventures with capital along with an extensive network and access to a broad range of operational expertise. The company offers its hands-on support in the areas of digital marketing, data intelligence, business analytics, legal, design, PR, sales and recruiting. Reportedly, the Venture Builders has raised a total of €2.8M in funding over one round.

#6 Aimforthemoon

Founded by Niek Karsmakers in early 2013, Aimforthemoon is a startup studio connecting a community of like-minded, passionate and entrepreneurial people. With broad experience in corporate innovation, entrepreneurship and technology, the company aims to empower corporates and entrepreneurs to get things done collectively.


Founded in 2015 by Esther Gons and Timan Rebel, NEXT is consultancy firm specialised in the strategy and governance around innovating new business models. With over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience, the company  has mentored over 50 startups at several accelerators and boot camps. Moreover, the company invests and helps in hands-on with strategy, running experiments, design, coding, provides office space, and much more.

#8 Nescio

This Amsterdam startup studio is all about coming up with ideas, build digital products and bring them to market. Under Nescio, the startups range from, a mature company in full bloom, to an early stage startup called Journa, still in private beta.

#9 ING Innovation Studio

The ING Innovation Studio based out of Amsterdam was founded by Adam Ayers, Daniele Dondi, and Willem Schellekens in 2015. This studio provides startups with capital, workspace, advisory services, and mentorship to develop their business ideas and businesses in financial technology startups. As per the reports, ING Innovation Studio has made five investments so far.

#10 Unicornify Labs

This startup studio helps in IT-developments, right from websites to build complex web-applications from scratch. On top of that, the Unicornify Labs helps startups and scale ups in growing their own technology team, with the goal of having the team operate independently of external parties as well.

In spite of challenges from incubators and accelerators available across the globe, Venture Builder model has potential and a bright future ahead of it. Having said that, these Venture Builder companies might become household names as it grows in popularity just like any incubators or accelerators. With that being said, venture builders draw a refreshing route for developers and inventors.

Stay tuned to Silicon Canals for more updates in the tech startup world.

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