These 10 visionary Utrecht-based startups aim to fuel the energy transition

These 10 visionary Utrecht-based startups aim to fuel the energy transition

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It won’t be an exaggeration to say that we have created an unpleasant environment for ourselves. Though technology was invented to help us, we have become obsessed with it and have missed giving importance to other vital elements such as the environment and much more. This has resulted in serious threats such as global warming that brings extreme temperatures and untimely rains.

These days, there is increased awareness of zero waste and other initiatives that will safeguard the environment went live in. And, many entrepreneurs are coming up with sustainable options that can be used on a daily basis. These game-changers are budding across the world and the Netherlands has a number of such startups.

In the windmill country, Utrecht is a startup hub with a number of firms focused on providing a sustainable living environment. Today, we have curated a list of Utrecht-based startups aimed at fueling the energy transition as sourced from Dealroom.


Founders: Roderick van Wisselingh, Pierre Vermeulen
Funding: €5 million

Solar panel rental startup Solease founded in 2011 rents solar panels to domestic and commercial properties for a monthly subscription fee. This fee includes insurance, financing and maintenance of both the plates and accessories of the solar panels. The startup lets customers product solar energy right on their rooftops at a low cost.


Founders: Alexander Bours, Henk Jonker, Pieter Ruijssenaars, Tibor van Melsem Kocsis
Funding: €2.5 million

DiManEx established in 2015 is a cloud-based SaaS service. It connects customers with additive manufacturing partners to provide on-demand delivery of industrial parts. The startiup identifies how the supply chain can benefit from 3D printing and links the same to the appropriate supplier. This lowers the overhead cost of the supply chain and also reduces the environmental footprint.

Sustainer Homes

Founders: Gert Vugt, Jacintha Baas, Sol Kempen, Wolf Bierens
Funding: €620k

In 2015, Sustainer Homes was founded to make architecture more accessible, flexible and sustainable. Initially, it was aimed at roofs laid with solar panels, which will make sustainable buildings accessible to everyone. Sustainer Homes participated in Startupbootcamp program. With the development of a wooden module, it is possible to construction of holiday homes, businesses, etc. more sustainable.


Founders: Jaap Oostinjen, Joris Beukeboom, Lex Schiebaan

Funding: €300k

SunData aims to improve solar energy production using smart data monitoring. The startup ensures that solar panels generate more sustainable energy using advanced data analysis. The startup analyses data, develops algorithms and performs tests to detect poorly performing solar plants at a faster pace. This helps solar systems deliver 15% better performance.


Founders: Derek de Rie, Steven Reiz

Senfal founded in 2016 dreams of a clean world-based on 100% sustainable sources. There is immense pressure on this sector to become more flexible when it comes to managing the demand and supply of electricity. The services offered by this startup makes a flexible and efficient electricity network possible.


CEO: Roland van der Klauw

Wocozon, which is active since 2012 is a non-profit foundation operating with the intention of generating low energy costs for tenants of social rental properties. The company works with public,regional energy funds and financiers such as Bank Nederlandse Gemeenten. At Wocozon, they are confident that housing associations will carry out financing, installation and monitoring of solar panels.


Founders: Massimo Coduti, Pieter Broekema, Sjoerd Sloterdijk

Smart energy savings in the manufacturing industry is possible with Sensorfact founded in 2016. The clients of this startup use 10% lesser energy on an average. The startup offers an Intelligent Energy Management System to help industries reduce the energy cost. It offers low-cost and non-intrusive sensors that measure once in 30 seconds. Its intuitive self-developed software provides real-time insights into energy usage. Also, it detects anomalies as well as energy savings.


Founders: Lauren Gropper

Repurpose is a consultancy and engineering firm founded in 2012. It supports contractors, project developers and governments in the reuse of building materials from transformation and demolition projects. The company maps out the materials that are suitable for reuse and creates a 0unique real estate. The team of energetic engineers at Repurpose think about circular construction and demolition projects.


Founders: H.R. Bosgraaf, Marcel van den Berg

Founded in 2014, ValueA offers flexible and scalable software solutions to the utility industry. The company supplies high-end modules for grid companies, water companies, meter companies and energy suppliers. ValueA delivers the calculation, brain and analytics behind efficient decisions, touts the company. With its software, utility companies can cope up with the challenges of energy transition.


Founders: Harm Welleweerd

Utrecht-based iwell is one of the energy startups that has built a portfolio of smart battery solutions. One of its products is the Cube battery system enables sustainability without being too expensive. It focuses on apartment complex owners, especially homeowner associations, housing corporations and real estate investors.

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