These 11 European early-stage tech startups in 2019 are selected for Startupbootcamp’s first Amsterdam-based Media Accelerator

These 11 European early-stage tech startups in 2019 are selected for Startupbootcamp’s first Amsterdam-based Media Accelerator

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Startupbootcamp Media is a global startup and scale-up innovation program, which recently held the Startupbootcamp Selection Days event. The company has now announced 11 international early-stage startups which will participate in its accelerator in Amsterdam, which is starting on August 19, 2019. Startups from the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Spain, UK, Denmark, Germany, and Italy are a part of the program. The selected companies employ the latest technologies and innovative business models to offer solutions for the creation, distribution, and consumption of content.

The 11 selected startups will now participate in a three-month acceleration program in Amsterdam. As mentioned, it will begin on August 19 and is slated to conclude with the Demo Day in November. During this period, the companies will benefit directly by interacting and receiving strategic support from industry experts, business mentors, top executives, investors and corporate partners in the Startupbootcamp network. Founding partners of the Media accelerator program are Veronica Ventures, Moon Ventures, and RTL. Here are the top 11 startups that are selected for Startupbootcamp’s First Amsterdam-based Media Accelerator. (Berlin, Germany)

Founders: Clemens Grossmann, Ralf Kühling

The Berlin-based startup has a different approach to social media. The company offers an app where one can start podcasts, which are also radio shows and a form of the social network in its own way. Consider it a social audio community or social radio.

Wedio (Aarhus, Denmark)

Founders: Daniel V. Sand, Morten Aebeloe​, Kasper Vesth​

Operating as the Airbnb of film and photo equipment, the startup Wedio offers film and photo equipment up to €5 million on rent. One can search and compare the gear they require on the startup’s platform, book and also get instant insurance and start creating content. 

Viddioo (Utrecht, Netherlands)

Founders: Kjeld van Kippersluis

It can be difficult for people who have no knowledge of video editing to produce good quality videos. However, the startup Viddioo aims at changing this with its online video editor, which enables one to instantly make professional looking videos easily, without requiring any in-depth knowledge of video editing apps. 

TIM (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Founders: Dennis Tan, Dorit Rust, Matthaeus Schreder

Social media influencers are a great way to promote your brand or service. TIM recognised this and came up with an AI-driven Influencer Marketing platform that helps marketers to match influencers and manage campaigns. The company helps users find and activate influencers that are a match for their brand. 

Streamix (Milan, Italy)

Founders: Cristian Conedera, Sebastian Greco

Live streaming online is usually a basic task without anything much that can be added to it. However, Streamix is improving it by making live-streaming easy with mobile devices. One can also add graphics, switch between different camera perspectives and do more with the Streamix Studio which works in any modern browser. 

PromoMii (London, United Kingdom)

Founders: Daniel Halasz, Michael Moss

Artificial Intelligence is being applied almost everywhere and PromoMii is also using it to provide an AI-driven video editing SaaS platform. The company’s AI software makes the process of scrounging through hours of video content easier to help users make time for creative tasks.

Holographics (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Founders: Floris Porro, Thom Verdenius

Want to add graphics to your live production but don’t know where to start? Holographics has you covered with its service that enables better live graphics. It enables users to overlay lower-thirds, broadcast messages, ticker tapes and add custom widgets on any live video feed. 

GaZoom (Barcelona, Spain)

Founders: Lucas Leisner, Marc Leisner, Sergio Muñoz Bravo

GaZoom is an app for gamers who also like to streamer their sessions online. The GaZoom app by the startup enables users to edit and their live streams from their Xbox, Twitch, PC, Mobile, and PlayStation. 

byBr (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Founders: Emmanuel Chaligne and Laurent Toussaint

byBr’s mobile app is touted to deliver a Shazam-like experience to connect people directly with brands. The company’s owner and co-founder Emmanuel Chaligné handles the executive role including project, product and business management, while the other co-founder, Laurent Toussaint takes care of the entire technical role to ensure that byBr runs smoothly.

Filmtoro (Prague, Czech Republic)

Founders: Tomáš Vyskočil

Filmtoro is a new service that helps users legally discover new movies online. Because of a lack of awareness, users usually don’t know where to find movies online and turn to pirate sites. However, more than 8,000 films are made available online worldwide every year and Filmtoro’s goal is to connect users who are looking for movies online with the places where one can watch them legally.

RIPPLA.TV (United Kingdom)

Founders: Wayne Yardley, Rickey Barber, Richard Bardsley

Rippla broadcasts live and exclusive concerts to its users who can‘t attend a concert or event in person. However, the livestream is done in a venue to recreate the feeling of being present at the actual concert. The startup has a growing network of local venues across the globe.

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