These 4 standout Dutch tech startups are selected for Startupbootcamp Blockchain Program

These 4 standout Dutch tech startups are selected for Startupbootcamp Blockchain Program

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It appears that global startup accelerator Startupbootcamp has been working on a Blockchain focused startup accelerator program lately. This can be said, as the Startupbootcamp has just announced that they have selected 4 Dutch tech startups that will participate in the program, started on July 4th, 2018.

As per the official press release, the first program, which will operate as “MVP” at the Startupbootcamp’s offices in the Netherlands. With this, the company aims to focus on startups that leverage new technologies and will impact industries.

Also, they plan to develop new funding models for startups and scaleups including Blockchain-centric funding models such as ICOs based on a Security or Utility Token Offering. The Dutch startup teams selected for the Startupbootcamp Blockchain Program are:


Their startup aims to provide a platform to enhance a sense of security by easily connecting neighbors, police and IoT alarm systems without compromising privacy. They educate people on crime prevention, creating vigilance and decreasing burglary rates. This gives them a unique position in the insurance chain.


This company offers to open up the global equity market by creating a simple, accessible platform based in which business owners can offer shares of their business directly to investors or employees and easily manage the shareholders register online and create instant liquidity.


With Blockchain tech, this startup provides options for public and private transactions and also offers public and private smart contracts and decentralized applications.


Voltogo brings the free-to-charge, removable, portable battery for boats. They also bring the world’s first boat rapid charging network in restaurants on the waterside, with already 100% coverage in Amsterdam. Finally, for boat owners the capacity and freedom to enjoy a fantastic silent boat experience for as long as they want.

The four companies will begin a 12-week program and mentorship sessions as they are guided by mentors towards a possible alternative funding model based on Blockchain technology. The companies will create innovative solutions, also unique in the fact that they are not entirely based on Blockchain technology. Meanwhile, the program network partners are Project2030, CareerChain and FirstCoin.

For those who are not aware, Startupbootcamp has been accelerating startups since 2010. With over 650 companies in their portfolio, they are backed by partners including leading tech companies, such as Amazon, Cisco and PwC and over 100+ global corporate enterprises. The Blockchain companies joining the program will be mentored and advised by experienced entrepreneurs, partners, and experts.

Startupbootcamp was involved in the acceleration of WePower that conducted one of the most successful ICOs in the Energy Industry in 2018 (an alumnus of Startupbootcamp Energy Australia) and is also supporting the Utility Token Sale for SafeGuard, a Dutch startup taking part in Startupbootcamp Smart City & IoT program in Amsterdam. The new Blockchain focussed program is meant to expand on the success of those initial projects in the Blockchain sector.

Marc Wesselink, Managing Partner at Startupbootcamp, who will be leading the new Blockchain technology-focused program commented, “It is important for Startupbootcamp to keep innovating and experiment with new solutions that will benefit our community of startups. We’re really proud to be launching our first Blockchain focused program which will have a focus on alternative funding models for startups. It is our strong belief that Security Tokens will be the future for funding startups and scaleups.”

Patrick de Zeeuw, co-founder of Startupbootcamp Global explains, “If a new technology enables a new business model that helps us to serve our “customers” better (in this case the startups and scaleups that join our programs), we should experiment and learn how to leverage this technology. This is what this first program is all about. Learning how we can serve our customers better in solving the problems they face.

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