These 5 rising Dutch startups are the next big thing in Netherlands

These 5 rising Dutch startups are the next big thing in Netherlands

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Around $600 million dollars were invested in the startup sector of the Netherlands in past couple of years alone. With more English speaking talent and favorable government policies coming in compared to other countries in the region, the Netherlands (especially the capital Amsterdam) has started gaining an edge over other European startup destinations like Frankfurt and Berlin.

To acknowledge the role of fast-growing tech startups in solving tomorrow’s problems, Accenture every year announces prestigious ‘Innovation Awards’. Below are the five Dutch startups which have participated in the Accenture Innovation Award (AIA) which will take place in November, this year.

Let’s take a look.

#1 Felyx

E-scooter company Felyx, founded by Dutch entrepreneurs Quinten Selhorst (CEO) and Maarten Poot (COO) operates 108 e-scooters. These are used by young urban professionals, students, and independent contractors.

As estimated by the UN that by 2050, 60% of the global population will reside in cities, it only makes sense to introduce sustainable modes of transportation like Felyx.

#2 Polarsteps

Polarsteps (which also raised €900k seed round) is a mobile app that tracks a user’s journey throughout different locations and lets them add photos, videos, and experiences at every location

You can use it to share travel memories with friends and family in real-time as the journey unfolds.

#3 Peliqan is an app that lets users search and books destinations based on locations in Amsterdam. It also shows relevant offers based on the location and preferences of the user.

#4 Solarus

Solarus operates in the sustainable energy sector and is set to launch the next generation of solar panels. The startup is working on hybrid PowerCollector, a type of solar panel that has the highest energy output compared to other solar panels.

It is a spin-off of the Swedish Vattenfall, which started researching technology for thermal solar panels in 1998. The startup also won the Accenture Innovation Award in 2017.

#5 Bunq

Bunq is termed as the ‘most colorful‘ bank in the Netherlands. Think of it as an alternative to traditional banking. Its app allows users to open and manage their bank account on mobile phone in less than two minutes.

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