These 5 tech startups from UK are working hard to protect us from data privacy breaches

These 5 tech startups from UK are working hard to protect us from data privacy breaches

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The world is waking up to privacy risk and harms since the chances of a privacy breach have increased many folds. Thanks to the digital marketplace. As a result, data privacy continues to be on top of mind for companies all around the world. A lot of startups around the globe is on a mission is to promote and facilitate the ethical and safe use of valuable data assets.

This realisation of incorporating privacy into every aspect of the data supply chain not only protects customers but create an unbreakable trust as well. In addition to that, it helps startups build their brand image and attract investors. Having said that, the digital market place is getting more organised and protocol-driven, where a businessman is also becoming more sensitised.

In this regard, we have curated a list of 5 companies based out of the UK working at the cutting edge technology in an effort to make the internet a safer place.

Privitar (London)

Funding: €53.04M

Founders: Gerard Buggy, Jason du Preez, John Taysom

Privitar provides data protection software for large organisations, including the NHS, HSBC, and more. The company works with various verticals like financial services, telecommunications, pharmaceutical and government. Its suite of products — Privitar Publisher, Privitar Lens, and Privitar SecureLink — allow for data de-identification and building of analytics applications without opening access to raw data.

InfoSum (Basingstoke)

Funding: €7.3M

Founders: Nicholas Halstead

InfoSum’s patented decentralized technology allows companies to combine and analyze data in disparate schemas without moving or sharing it, eliminating commercial, legal and security risks.

Moreover, the company’s proprietary identity management, irreversible anonymization, and automatic integration enable customers to share insights fast and in a safe, compliant way. (Frensham)

Funding: €9.7M

Founder: Julian Ranger‘s technology allows consumers to gather together their personal data and share it on their terms with businesses in a mutually beneficial value exchange. With this platform, the company is enabling a decentralised world where people can control and benefit from their data with peace of mind that their privacy is respected.

Calligo (Jersey)

Funding: €23.9M

Founder: Julian Box

Founded in 2011, Calligo is a data optimization and privacy specialist. Calligo offers a range of cloud services to organizations of any size, empowering them to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing. It is one of the first independent cloud service providers to offer Microsoft Azure Stack and has datacentres in the United Kingdom, Jersey, Guernsey, Switzerland, Canada, Singapore and Luxembourg.

Hazy (London)

Funding: €2.1M

Founders: Harry Keen, James Arthur

Hazy is a UCL AI spin out backed by Microsoft and Nationwide. It is a synthetic data company that helps businesses unlock data for innovation without compromising customer privacy.

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