Looking for a job in Paris? These 8 cool IoT startups are hiring right now

Looking for a job in Paris? These 8 cool IoT startups are hiring right now

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Internet of Things (IoT) was once used as a tool for specific applications. Now, it has progressed into one of the widest ecosystems across the world. Currently, IoT takes the centre stage in many industries such as logistics, fintech, energy management, healthcare, manufacturing and more. When implemented alongside Artificial Intelligence, this technology has the potential to create disruption across verticals.

Earlier, IoT was incorporated only by select big technology players such as Google, IBM, Cisco, Intel, Apple, Ericsson and Amazon. Now, the IoT space has let many aspiring startups to also embrace this trend. Especially, the European market has many IoT startups and here we have listed notable ones in Paris that are hiring at the fastest rate in 2019 as sourced from Dealroom.


Founders: Mael Primet, Michael Fester, Rand Hindi
Funding: €22.5 million

Snips is an Artificial Intelligence voice platform, which operates without sending any voice information to the cloud. The embedded voice AI technology offered by this startup provides enterprises and developers offline and conversational interfaces to animate products and interactions. Founded in 2013, it offers enterprise-grade performance as well as accuracy at the cloud-level across a range of hardware integrations. It basically simplifies human interactions with the use of connected devices.


Founders: Lionel Marty, Olivier Mandine, Simon Tchedikian, Stephane Jaubertou
Funding: €16.1 million

Founded in 2014, Sevenhugs makes a Smart Remote, which is the world’s easiest to use and smartest remote control for both TV and smart home. The mission of this startup is to make all the entertainment and smart home devices accessible and easy to use for anyone. The founders launched this startup with the intention to make technology more family and user-friendly.


Founders: Hugo Mercier, Quentin Soulet de Brugiere
Funding: €51.8 million

Dreem founded in 2014 is the sleep pioneer. The team of experts at the startup use technology, design and science together to help people sleep better. Dreem operating in Paris and San Francisco is a holistic sleep solution supported by a global community of sleep experts. It is designed with real human behaviour in mind. As of now, the company is on its way to help resolve the biggest societal and health issue faced by the world population in modern times.


Founders: Pierre Frouin
Funding: €18 million

BioSerenity is a medical device company founded in 2013. It is focused on developing smart healthcare solutions. Their first product is Neuronaute, which is a mobile EEG system employing smart clothing, which lets long-term monitoring of EEG signals to help diagnose epilepsy. The startup is working on health disorders such as urology, cardiology, pregnancy monitoring and sleep disorders. They have developed a cloud platform, which facilitates developing medical devices and mobile apps based on Artificial Intelligence.


Founders: Bernard Jannes, Boris Dezier, Nicolas Jordan, Olivier Hersent
Funding: €93.9 million

Established in 2010, Actility connects Industrial Internet of Things. It’s IoT connectivity platform, ecosystem and tools enable customers to create IoT solutions that transform processes, industries and businesses. The platform connects sensors that gather data to cloud applications, be it national or global networks to manage devices, data flow, on-campus enterprise solutions and monetisation.


Founders: Eric Dessertenne
Funding: €2 million

In 1995, Biocorp was founded to design, develop and manufacture medical devices meant for the pharmaceutical industry. The company aims to enhance drug reconstitution, safe packaging and delivery of products. For over two decades, Biocorp continues to innovate and bring new solutions such as NewGuard, which is an integrated passive safety system.


Founders: Abdul Barakat, Franz Bozsak
Funding: €10.3 million

Founded in 2014, Sensome has developed a breakthrough remote monitoring technology, which can turn invasive vascular medical devices into connected healthcare devices. It uses patent-pending sensor technology, which overcomes the limitations of existing vascular imaging techniques used in patient follow-up and interventions.


Founders: Bruno Lussato, Hugo Lussato, Théo Lussato
Funding: €6.6 million

In 2013, Wistiki was founded to help people stop losing items. It is a small-sized Bluetooth tracker, which can be snapped on to things such as keys, wallets, pen, etc. that can be misplaced easily. It operates via an app compatible with both Android and iOS devices and helps locate the misplaced items easily in a few seconds.

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