This Antwerp-based startup is helping organisations get most out of their meetings

This Antwerp-based startup is helping organisations get most out of their meetings

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Human attention and creativity are the most precious resource for any organisation, particularly, the attention people pay to their work. Ever since the inception of smartphones and social media, the average human attention span has shrunk by nearly a quarter.

Declining attention span!

According to experts, we homo-sapiens are, indeed, flakier than ever before! To make it easier, we are equal to the humble goldfish in your bowl or fish tank in terms of being able to focus on a task.

As the day passes by, things are getting complicated and what’s more alarming is that the problem is growing worse. Moreover, a smartphone can sap attention even when it’s not in use or your pocket. Doesn’t go well with productivity, isn’t it?

Well, if you realised it somehow, don’t panic!

JUCE, a startup based out of Antwerp is on a mission to enable people and organizations to make time and focus on what matters in the age of the mobile – starting with the meeting.

Focus on what matters!

JUCE has developed a unique product – JUCE Arena⁺, a docking station for the meeting room which guarantees more effective meetings without disturbances. It has intuitive digital time-keeping and wireless charging integrated as well.

Built-in automatic DoNotDisturb mode

The product is supported by a ‘GoJUCE’ mobile app (Android/iOS) through which the phone automatically switches to DoNotDisturb-mode when he docks his phone. In addition to that, users also get a push notification prompting him/her to dock his phone when enters the meeting room.

Talking about the company’s strategy, Julien Yee, Co-founder of JUCE, said:

Our mission is to enable people and organizations to make time and focus on what matters – throughout all aspects of their life. The JUCE Arena is our first product & addresses a cornerstone of the B2B segment: the meeting room. Our ambition is to also enter other B2B segments as well as a launch a consumer product by the end of 2019/early 2020.

Won iF Design and Red Dot Design awards.

Furthermore, the device maintains track of time and communicates over an app. It collects meeting room data on utilization and workflow, syncs the calendar to inform your next meeting and activates the answering mode for incoming calls.

The company was bootstrapped by the founders Julien Yee, and Matthias Vanhoutteghem and raised funding through angel investors and a local bank. After an initial year of development and a sold-out 1st series of 50 units, JUCE is ready to scale production. Early adopters include companies like Deloitte, KPMG, Telenet, etc.

Pricing and availability!

When asked about the availability of the device, Yee, said: “We have a pre-order open on our website ( and start shipping in September.”

She also added, “Currently a one-off price is €899/unit with volume discounts, while the app + other digital services are free. In the future, we will move towards a subscription-based model.”

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