This Dutch startup aims to make sustainable house heating available across Europe very soon

This Dutch startup aims to make sustainable house heating available across Europe very soon

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Currently, we are in the middle of an energy transition. Awareness is growing globally and the demand for sustainable energy solutions is increasing each year. Technological developments serve as a leading factor in establishing a society that operates in a more sustainable way.

Recently, Degree-n, a Hilversum clean-tech company secured €2 million funding led by Dutch venture capital organisation Techfront Ventures. Apart from the investments, Techfront Ventures is also taking over the daily management of the company.

Notably, one of the Techfront partners, Roman Caresani has been appointed as the new CEO. On top of €2 million investments, the venture capital company provides working capital of €500,000 as well.

Roman Caresani said, “Degree-n has a lot of technical knowledge, but business and commercial know-how still lacked a little. With Techfront at the helm, the company can be taken to the next phase.”

Nano and Infrared technology = Sustainable heating systems!

Degree-n specialises in the development and supply of sustainable heating systems. Headquartered in the Netherlands, it was launched in 2011 by the cooperation of committed entrepreneurs

The company aims to minimise the use of fossil fuels with patented Nano Infrared technology as the leading factor. Degree-n achieves this by supplying cost-efficient Nano Infrared heat panels and the Degree-n hot water solution.

Maintaining a pollution free and sustainable world!

With this funding, that company is planning to accelerate the sales of its in-house heating panels across various European countries including Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Right now, the product is available in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The company is also working on a distribution channel with installers in water and electrical engineering. It’s worth mentioning that the Degree-n hot water system enables you to get hot tap water while avoiding unnecessary water waste and using little energy.

Striving for a viable and environment-friendly future

Roman Caresani said, “We see the emerging need for sustainability and that is a great incentive to get in. Techfront used to work mainly with parties that made software. We are very interested in the fact that it is now a physical product. Degree-n’s technology is actually better than the competition. More sustainable.”

60% more economical

Degree-n wants to provide households, office complexes and other industries with environment-friendly, energy-efficient and all-electric heating systems. It has a production facility in Limburg, and assembling is done in collaboration with Tomingroep, a social workplace in Hilversum.

Road Ahead!

Currently, Degree-n is running a pilot in three large housing associations. Post which, many rental properties will be equipped with an efficient, electric infrared heating in one go, eliminating the need for a gas connection.

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