This Dutch startup just scored €1M funding to develop a chip for smartwatches and sensors to last forever

This Dutch startup just scored €1M funding to develop a chip for smartwatches and sensors to last forever

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The growth in population along with persisting environmental challenges exerts a significant amount of burden on already strained energy resources. However, there are some startups around the globe developing an extensive range of technologies to make power abundant, efficient, and eco-friendly.

One such is the Dutch semiconductor startup Nowi! The chipmaker for IoT devices, Nowi has recently received an additional funding amount of €1 million from RVO to commercialise their Energy Harvesting technology. Notably, the company has raised €1.5 million from Disruptive Technology Ventures fund last year as well.

Energy harvesting technology

In fact, Nowi is developing a chip for the first time which could enable ‘Internet of Things (IoT)devices, like smartwatches and sensors to last forever. According to CEO Simon van der Jagt, instead of continuously bringing energy to your device in the form of batteries or power cables, Nowi technology enables companies to use the already readily available energy around the device. This can be anything like light, heat, movement or even radio waves. Energy all around us can now be used to power IoT devices.

Based out of Delft in the Netherlands, Nowi enables devices to efficiently use external energy sources such as Solar PV, RF and movement, as a power source for internet connected devices.

CEO Simon van der Jagt:

The additional funding from RVO enables Nowi to make its technology market-ready. Nowi is translating it’s leading technology position in low-power energy harvesting technology, into a small chip that can be used in a wide range of devices. As the ‘Internet of Things’ begins to mature it is becoming clear that there are hundreds of millions of so-called smart-devices that need to become ‘Plug & Forget’. From smart watches to sensors and asset trackers, all of these devices have started incorporating energy harvesting technology to significantly increase their lifetime and reduce the need for cables and battery changes.

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