This Dutch startup has created an intelligent content platform which uses AI and Machine Learning to manage scanned documents and images

This Dutch startup has created an intelligent content platform which uses AI and Machine Learning to manage scanned documents and images

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AI and Machine Learning are everywhere in tech right now! It is said to be powering everything from your TV to your toothbrush, and now its also getting into managing content.

Heard about No? Well, let us tell you about this, the intelligent platform that is based out of the Netherlands. The Hague-based company is helping solve and automate content management workflows across multiple industries by processing and managing unstructured data like scanned documents and images.

Raised €3 million in growth capital

Now recently, the Dutch startup has secured €3 million in growth capital. The investment round was led by InnovationQuarter, Disruptive Technology Ventures and angel investors announced by Deputy Mayor Saskia Bruines at the GES Investor Beach BBQ in Hague. The investors believe that is a disruptive solution and will soon become a leader in intelligent content management.

Daan Nollen, partner at Disruptive Technology Ventures was quoted as follows,

The amount of unstructured information is growing exponentially. provides a disruptive solution to access and process this information using AI. The customer base already successfully using is impressive and we see great potential for the platform to become the international market leader in intelligent content management.

Furthermore, fresh capital is expected to help expand its team across R&D, product development, sales, marketing, and customer support.

What exactly is

The Dutch startup s a content management platform that leverages Artificial Intelligence to manage unstructured information. The platform is capable of managing scanned documents and images. The AI backed platform is capable of analyzing the content automatically, enhance the findability and help enrich the quality of the documents.

It is worth noting that Doculayer uses AI to deal with multi-level of unstructured information and leverage features like metadata extraction, optical character recognition (OCR) and other operations like clustering, image tagging, and content classification. is designed to seamlessly integrate with other business applications and processes that already exist in the IT ecosystem. The platform can also process unstructured data that already exists across the IT database. will help enterprises by addressing the ever-increasing need for content management. Additionally, the platform also helps enterprises become complaint with GPDR.

Richard Smit, CEO van commented as follows,

We are extremely proud that these investors believe in our solution and vision and are supporting us in our ambition to grow and further develop the platform. More than 80 per cent of the information held by organizations is unstructured. Using AI-powered technologies, helps them automate the processing and structuring of this vast amount of unstructured data and uncover its hidden value.

Who uses

Owing to its innovativeness and capabilities, is currently being used by many major organisations. It has partnered with Justitiële Informatiedienst (Judicial Information Service) and is taking care of improving several documents. uses the automatic allocation of metadata to ensure that documents are digitally archived and secured in the right way while remaining compliant with the GPDR.

It is also worth noting that is being used by KPN to process customer contracts. With the help of AI, the documents are classified on the basis of their content. Once this is done, every document is assigned with metadata and the files are structured in an automated way. has already become a strong asset to the West Holland Security network. The Holland Security Network says that has helped them by keeping the files up to date with respect to the latest privacy legislation. Furthermore, the interactive learning AI is expected to help scale up the things and get ready for the robotisation of content management.

Cognitive Content Management- The flavour of the future

Cognitive Content Management is a technology that analyses images, documents and then suggests tag. This makes it easier for you and me to access the right content at the right time. Cognitive Content Management will also help users understand their content and continuously improve by learning about past performance. It is pretty obvious that the relevance of Cognitive Content Management will only increase in the future and platforms like will come to the forefront.

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