This Dutch startup which provides electric vehicle drivers real-time data of charging stations just got funded

This Dutch startup which provides electric vehicle drivers real-time data of charging stations just got funded

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The Dutch company Eco-movement has raised a ‘couple of hundred thousand euros’ from the angel investment group named Arches Capital, as stated in the company’s press release. The startup is credited to deliver real-time point of interest data on all the public charge points for electric cars in the Benelux.

Real-time is the future

By collecting and correcting location and availability data from all charging stations, including public charging stations and semi-public charging stations at restaurants, shops and private individuals, Eco movement is set to create a boom in technology which caters to environmentally friendly and sustainable industry.

Consumer platforms like Eco movement are equipping the drivers of the electric cars with the right information at the right time. This funding is in the larger interest of the business enterprise and the up & coming technology of real-time.

Presently, all Charge Point Operator and leading navigation companies are engaged with Eco-movement. The POI data from Eco-movement is used by its clients (eg TomTom, HERE, NewMotion, ANWB, VandeBron, Eneco, Nuon, Allego, Engie). The funding will be an asset to its growth and expansion.

Frank Appeldoon, the Manager Partner of Arches Capital, is optimistic about the fast-growing market trend which will combine with the experience of the founders of Eco-movement.

Say hello to energy transition!

This investment will also initiate Eco-movement’s products and services, thus, triggering an energy transition in the industry. The Netherlands has been a European centre stage for the energy transition. It also happens to be Eco-movement’s origin state which can help in close working.

The founder of Eco-movement, Roderick van den Berg, is hopeful that this approach of Arches Capital will enhance the company’s agenda in the months to come. He asserts that besides the investment Arches Capital has the expertise to help them with their growth ambitions.

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