This is the coolest, silent dirt bike we’ve ever seen and it’s developed by a Swedish company

This is the coolest, silent dirt bike we’ve ever seen and it’s developed by a Swedish company

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Electric mobility is here to stay! The race among top automobile maker to roll out the electric car is real, so is that of the two-wheeler industry. In fact, the electric two-wheelers have come a long way not only in terms of real-world performance but also for the design and appeal.

Secured $14M

Talking about the design, one cannot just leave CAKE, the Swedish manufacturer of lightweight electric off-road performance motorcycles. Recently, the electric motorcycle company has announced that the latest round of fundraising surpassed expectations and closed at $14M (approx €12.6 million).

This round was led by Creandum, included global fund, in addition to the existing investors and a limited number of particular and peak competence specialists.

Stefan Ytterborn, Founder & CEO of CAKE, says:

This is a giant step for CAKE, hooking up with leaders in their trade, and aside from the capital injection nursing our way forward sharing in-depth competence and experience. The ability to accelerate is timely, just having launched the street certified Kalk& model for North America and Europe, as well as launching the next model Ösa, a more commuter oriented vessel, during fall.

A transition towards a zero-emission society 

For the uninitiated, the CAKE is a Swedish company aiming to speed up the transition towards a zero-emission society by combining excitement and responsibility.

Ultra-lightweight bikes

At present, the company is producing and shipping two bikes – Kalk OR and Kalk&, which are developed from scratch to be ultra-lightweight with unprecedented reliability and durability. The CAKE Kalk& is a super-light electric motorcycle certified for street use, deriving from its predecessor, the pure off-road Kalk OR.

NK Innovation Award 2019

Last month the company won the coveted NK Innovation Award 2019 in the Innovation category. For your information, the NK Gala Award is all about honouring extraordinary achievements within design & fashion. In addition to it, the company won several awards including IF Design Award 2019, Red Dot Design Award 2019, German Design Award 2019, and much more.

Staffan Helgesson, General Partner at Creandum Advisor, said:

The combination of award-winning Scandinavian design, product innovation, and a stellar entrepreneur makes CAKE a great addition to Creandum ‘funds’ portfolio of mobility companies such as Voi, Bolt, Ree, and Distribusion. We are excited to support their mission to speed up the journey towards a zero-emission society, something everyone at Creandum is very passionate about.

Recognised as “Best in Show”

The company’s first model the Kalk, debuted at Denver’s OR and Munich’s ISPO shows back in January 2018 and has received numerous accolades, including being recognized as “Best in Show” by several outdoor industry publications.

Supports Solar panel charging!

The company has partnered with Swedish all-green electricity provider Utellus to create solar installations specifically designed to charge CAKE’s electric motorcycles.

The need for service is drastically reduced! 

According to Stefan Ytterborn, the number of parts in KALK bikes are less than half compared to a traditional off-road motorbike. In this case, the need for service and tinkering is drastically reduced. According to Ytterborn, if a motor, a battery or a controller malfunctions, it can be changed with a new one in less than half an hour.

Main image credits: CAKE

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