This Portuguese startup tackles biggest problem in automotive through Machine Learning

This Portuguese startup tackles biggest problem in automotive through Machine Learning

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There are plenty of reasons to track a vehicle, especially if you operate a delivery startup service. At present, there are numerous monitoring devices available in the market that not only track the location but also give in-depth information about drivers speed, idling times, fault detection, engine health and more.

In a recent development, Stratio Automotive, a startup that transforms vehicle data into predictive intelligence has secured €3 million in funding led by London-based Crane Venture Partners and LocalGlobe. Moving on the company intends to use the funding to further expand across Europe and the US.

Uses machine learning to optimise engineering resources!

Founded in 2017 by Ricardo Margalho, Rui Sales, Stratio specialises in Artificial Intelligence and Automotive Engineering, enabling early fault detection that allows operators to monitor vehicle health in real-time, decreasing downtime and reducing Total Cost of Ownership. Stratio acts as a technology provider to transport companies that need to manage efficiently their transport fleets.

What is Stratio.DataBox?

For the uninitiated, Stratio.DataBox is automotive-grade equipment used to collect and stream real-time high-density vehicle data. This databox can collect and stream over 2 millions of vehicle data points, per vehicle/day in real-time.

According to the company, it can be integrated as a factory-fit product by manufacturers or retrofitted in existing vehicles. Notably, Stratio.Databox granular data is the groundwork for Stratio’s predictive intelligence.

Early fault detection!

The company’s proprietary AI algorithms analyses hundreds to thousands of vehicle sensor data points and variables in real-time to detect and predict more faults and performance issues. Post the process, actionable notifications with alerts, faults and insights are displayed on a web interface.

Stratio also aims to increase efficiency and reduce costs with aftersales predictive intelligence, where vehicles are maintained proactively and fleets are on the road without unexpected disruptions. Right now, the company employs over 50 people and serves clients including MAN, DAF Trucks and VECTIA and more.

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