TomTom’s co-founder Corinne Vigreux shares her top 5 secret tips for the women startup founders in tech

TomTom’s co-founder Corinne Vigreux shares her top 5 secret tips for the women startup founders in tech

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A startup usually blossoms from an idea to solve a problem. While innovative minds can find problems to solve anywhere, it takes certain know-how to run a startup. In a startup, one has to not only be keen on solving problems but also run a team, delegate their business, keep track of finances and more. If all these responsibilities falling on the shoulders of a startup founder scares you, don’t be!

There are multiple resources to learn about how to build and manage a startup. While bookish knowledge would help one understand this to a certain extent, it can’t be compared to a first-hand lesson from the pros. TomTom is a successful international company and its co-founder Corinne Vigreux just told us her top five leadership tips for femalewomen startup founders. Now, while these tips are aimed at women in startups, it doesn’t mean men can’t learn from them too.

Vigreux‘s gives five leadership tips for a woman led startup

Knowledge is power and while handling a startup, the more knowledge you have, the better. Vigreux has a treasure trove of this knowledge and we asked her to delve some tips for a woman led startup and how can it be successful. Here are five hot tips, straight from the business executive, which will help you understand your startup better.

Be passionate about what you do

“Both men and women need to find their passion and do what they like. It couldn’t be more simple when one is leading a startup as to be invested and interested in it in the long term, one has to work on something they are passionate about.”

You need a good, diverse team

“Having a good and diverse team is of tantamount importance. Problem-solving skills differ from person to person and having a diverse team helps come up with creative solutions, which might otherwise be impossible if everyone in the team comes from a similar place and follows the same thought process.”

Be resilient

“Being an entrepreneur is not for the weak of heart. One needs to be tough, resilient and ready to make decisions while going through ups and downs. Since startups are usually tight-knit, it becomes a bit harder to make tough decisions but one needs to be resilient to advance further.”

Don’t lose sight of your problem

“Most startups are born out of necessity to solve a problem. However, many lose the sight of the problem they set out to solve. It is important to be focussed on the problem also helps one be motivated and push a bit further every day.”

Don’t run out of money

“Running a startup ain’t easy. One might never imagine when they would be in dire need of funds and a good entrepreneur plans their business in a manner that they can finance it in advance, if need be.”

These are five top tips by TomTom’s co-founder Corinne Vigreux for women startup founders. Precise and to the point, these tips outline what an entrepreneur should keep in mind when venturing out into the world.

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