Top 10 cybersecurity startups from Amsterdam that help you fight off hackers

Top 10 cybersecurity startups from Amsterdam that help you fight off hackers

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With increases in technological advancements and sophistication, several enterprise level companies experiencing costly cybersecurity breach. Inefficiency in protecting valuable information and data acts as a gateway for the hackers.

Amidst the increase in cybersecurity threats, there are firms that are implementing new strategies to mitigate the cybersecurity threat. These threats including third-party risk management, classifying data assets, uncovering hidden attack vectors within networks and many more.

Here are the 10 promising cybersecurity startups from Amsterdam addressing hot security areas like Blockchain, AI, Email and much more.


Founder: Junior Meijering

Funding: €1.3M

Zerocopter was founded with the ambition to bring continuous online security to every organization. The company gives you an instant overview of everything that’s happening in your organisation’s security. An automated security scan that has finished running or a researcher that has commented on a report they filed, one glance gives you an overview of all the things that need your attention.


Founders: Joep Gommers, Raymon van der Velde

Funding: € 20.5M

EclecticIQ enables intelligence-powered cybersecurity for government organizations and commercial enterprises. The solutions are built specifically for analysts across all intelligence-led security practices such as threat investigation, and threat hunting, as well as incident response efforts. Furthermore, the EclecticIQ operates globally with offices in Europe, the United Kingdom, and North-America, and via certified value-add partners.


Founders: Alwin Schoemaker, Jeroen Diederix, Rick Goud, Vincent van Donselaar

Funding: € 13.9M

ZIVVER is a user-friendly solution for secure email and file transfer, straight from your familiar email programme. This enables you to prevent human errors, encrypt your data against hackers and keep control of the information sent. This platform indeed meets the growing demand for security, privacy, efficiency, and user-friendliness in information sharing.


Founders:  Friso, Aike

Funding: € 1.1M

Keezel is a revolutionary portable security device that protects all your devices on any WiFi network (coffee shop, hotel, airport or at home) with strong encryption, ad blocking and anti-phishing protection. The company sells a hardware & software combination, with services through a recurring monthly subscription to consumers and businesses.


Founders: Bert Sinnema, Roham Rahimi, Tim Velthuis

Funding: €300K

With AttachingIT, users can send data, with just one click, fully encrypted, directly from own trusted Outlook environment. AttachingIT for Outlook provides users with the ability to send files securely by mail. AttachingIT combines business-class email with the security standards of today.  When files are selected, they are securely uploaded to AttachingIT’s servers providing your recipients with a secure link.


Founders: Django A. Lor, Eric Schreiber, Yanick Finsy

Quiver‘s platform allows users to share files and collaborate with complete control over who sees them, how, and when. With patent Approved file sharing and security solution, users can share digital files (like images, audio/video and documents) in a secure and user-friendly way. Moreover, users get real control over all your files and can revoke access after sharing anytime too.


Founders: David Vaartjes

Securify helps organisations to secure the software that powers their business. It was founded by security experts from ABN AMRO, Delta Lloyd and Rabobank. The company was launched to transform this vision into proactive application security testing and improvement services, optimized for Agile environments.


Founders: Dreas Van Donselaar, Sam Renkema

SpamExperts is the leading provider of premium quality email security solutions for Web hosting companies, ISPs/Telcos, and MSPs/Resellers. The company’s mission is to secure email worldwide. Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, SpamExperts have a second main office in Bucharest, Romania and worldwide representation offices located in Russia, United Kingdom, Mexico and New Zealand.

Founders: Marcel Makken, Jelle van der Ploeg, Arjeh van Oijen, Arjen Schaap

Founded in late 2016, this platform offers an easy to use, highly scalable, secure and open integration platform to unlock the full potential of the blockchain. The Blockchain Gateway by is an enterprise-grade solution to enable organisations to integrate their applications and devices with blockchain networks in an easy, fast and secure manner.


Founders: Martijn Brinkers,

CipherMail provides email security products which allow organizations worldwide to automatically protect their email against unauthorized access both in transit and at rest. The company’s email encryption gateway provides an easy-to-use solution to securing your email without requiring additional client software. The centralized policy-based encryption engine can be set up to automatically encrypt email based on regulatory compliance or business rules thereby minimizing human errors which might result in a data breach.

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