Dutch startup ScanMovers receives half million euro growth capital

Dutch startup ScanMovers receives half million euro growth capital

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The independent movers platform ScanMovers receives an investment of half a million euros. The growth capital stems from angel investors who are engaged in innovations in the housing and mortgage market. With this investment, the Dutch startup ScanMovers attempts to make the movers market more transparent.


“That investors come from our sector feels like a confirmation that we are on the right track. This allows us to better connect consumers with the mover who fits their needs. We also help movers to improve their online visibility and better estimate the duration and extent of the move. This enables them to deliver faster, better and more efficient quotes”, Boyan Nijpels, founder of ScanMovers, states.

Huge price differences

Movers in the same city, who move the same cargo, can be up to two times more expensive. Some movers in the Dutch province North Holland are even three times cheaper than those in Overijssel, as shown in a recent survey by ScanMovers. Strikingly,  more expensive movers do not appear to perform better than inexpensive ones.

Affordable mover

Nijpels: “It’s still hard to find an affordable mover, also because some movers are not yet well visible on the internet. They’ll find their business via word of mouth  That’s why we have launched a platform to filter which mover is the cheapest in your region and which one is the most appreciated. Thus, a good mover will be found without his own website.”

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