BREAKING: Dutch all-you-can-fly startup Jetwise files for bankruptcy

BREAKING: Dutch all-you-can-fly startup Jetwise files for bankruptcy

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Today, CEO Vince Meens of Jetwise announced on Facebook that the all-you-can-fly-platform filed for bankruptcy. The startup based out of Amsterdam offered unlimited private jet flights from Amsterdam to Cannes and Ibiza, for weekend getaways. 

Pivot Jetwise

After a pivot away from the startup cliche “Uber for private jets” into the promising “Spotify for private jets”, it turned out the company was reasonably succesfull in acquiring new clients (typically high net worth individuals) that paid 10.000 euro per year for unlimited flights in a private jet to Ibiza and Cannes. However, we have reason to believe the startup didn’t manage to raise enough cash to keep the company afloat.

Message on Facebook

Vince Meens, CEO of Jetwise, posted this message below on his personal Facebook today. After that, he was unable to be reached by phone or messaging. We’ll update the story the moment we know more.

“After less than 1 year of an unbelievable startup story, today we had to “pull the plug”, and file for bankruptcy. Hereby I would like to thank everyone involved for believing in our vision and giving us a chance. My sincerest apologies to those I dissapointed.” Vince Meens, CEO Jetwise.


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