Relive app turns your outdoor activities into 3D video stories: Here’s what you need to know

Relive app turns your outdoor activities into 3D video stories: Here’s what you need to know

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One fine day, three good friends in real life went cycling on Tenerife and wanted to share their unique virtual tour ride in the form of video to the whole world. Butthey couldn’t find an app that performed what they envisioned. Henceforth, in an attempt to make it happen, three friends from the Netherlands, Yousef El-DardiryJoris van Kruijssen and Lex Daniels with their might, founded the startup – Relive.

What is Relive? 

Relive is a 3D visual storytelling platform for outdoor activities that enables you create a personalized 3D video story with the data collected from both GPS and satellite imaging during your ride. The video contains short animation presenting you the highlights of the ride including 3D fly-through of the route, images you‘ve taken, and highlighting landmarks. This app has been used by the skilled cyclists in Tour De France to note down the progress of the app as well. 

How does it work?

In case of a new user, they need to create an account by signing up with their credentials. Once the connection has been established and a first ride has been made, the user will receive a 3D animated video link (in mp4) in his inbox. Subsequently, if they wish, he/her can share the link through social media platform through a tap. 

When asked about the usage of a third-party platform for the sign-up process in an exclusive interview with Silicon Canals, Joris van Kruijssen, Co-founder at Relive, said, ” For us, the most important thing at the beginning of our app is that people can easily connect their existing fitness appso, that means people don’t have to switch with the different tracker platform, because they love to use GarminStrava or any other trackers. So we are making sure to connect as many third-party apps as possible so right now you can connect Apple health, GarminStrava, and lot more.

In addition to it, people can actually tag each other to the video and can view the activities done with their friends together. Furthermore, users can actually track the other person’s location to know their status, whether they are trailing or leading.

Relive supported platforms!

Relive works with various fitness platforms including StravaEndomondoGarmin Connect, Apple Health (Watch), MapMyRunMapMyWalkMapMyRideMapMyHike and Polar Flow.

Rise of Relive

Relive is climbing up the ladder towards the path of success with more than 100,000 new videos being made each day around the world. “Right now we are at 2.3 million users and month on month growth rate is around, an average of 100,0000 new users. Weekly growth is 3%. Our goal is to get 5 million users this year. 

“We really are focusing on the cyclist and now we are seeing all kind of users including runners, cyclist and others. And the interesting thing is that we are focusing on new users who already not have a fitness app. That’s why we integrated whole new GPS tracker in our Android and iOS app and we are seeing lots of people using out GPS tracker to relive their activities., says Relive Co-founder in an exclusive interview with Silicon Canal. 

“The reason we grow is, make your user a marketing machine. Our user shares the video a lot. So right now, from all the video that are being viewed, 1 of 3 gets shared on social media. We have to make sure users can share the video in any kind of platform with one click or one tap and that’s how we grow, and also make sure that influencers or celebrities user your product be it famous cyclist, runners. So our product is the marketing machine., he added.

Product development

The company is working on some distinctive features to make the app more enjoyable, engaging and relevant to the trend. On the other hand, the company is working to make the on-boarding process as easy as possible, which involves reducing the steps to the least amount possible for the new user to sign up. In the upcoming days, other experiences are likely to be added.

“We are creating cool GIF and animations that animates your statistic and may include the picture of you. Its currently in development and we have tested it as well. It looks promising.“, says, Relive Co-Founder. 


As of now, Relive has raised around €1.2 million Euros and planning to raise more money in future. At present, roughly 10,000 people have opted for the Relive premium subscription with a rate of €9/month.

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