Logistics tech startup Synple raises €1.1M for its smart collaboration platform

Logistics tech startup Synple raises €1.1M for its smart collaboration platform

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It is a good day for truck drivers, as startup Synple lands an investment of 1.1 million euros by Newion and Mainport Innovation Fund II. Using Synple’s software and platform, transporters can easily manage freight which would otherwise lead to multiple drives for a transporter. This way, profit is increased, CO2 emissions are decreased and so called “empty kilometers” are avoided.

Cooperation with one push of a button

25% of all transporters drive “empty kilometers”. It is Synple’s goal to reduce this amount by 50%, greatly improving the transport sector’s effectiveness. To achieve this target, Synple has designed a platform for mutual exchange of freight between transporters. Like many other digital transport platforms, it uses smart technology to match freight with capacity. However, unique to Synple’s platform is that it actually works in realtime as drivers are on the job. Adding to that, it is really easy to use the platform, as the planner only has to push one button to process the relevant information. This exchange of information can also take place without having to abnegate any confidential information. Finally, no changes in the current database have to be made.


National and international partners alike have recently participated in Synple’s projects and pilots, leading to great results. One example of these partners is Mammoet Road Cargo. Marco Jorissen, director of this company, stated the following: “We have been working intensively with transporters all across Europe for years now, and Synple’s technology creates new opportunities for us to plan more efficiently and drive more environmentally friendly”.

Synple was also praised for the relative ease of using the planner. Because of this, less mistakes will be made and less time will be lost during the planning process. The solution will lead to a decrease of “empty kilometers”, CO2 emissions and an overall increase to profits.


The company was founded in 2015 with applied research on logistics cooperation in the sector of goods-traffic. In 2016, founders Roderick Rodenburg and Machiel Resink started developing a first version of their platform. They eventually finished the development one year later. And today, on September 1st, 2017, they announced that they landed a 1.1 million investment by Newion and Mainport Innovation Fund II. Rodenburg, founder of Synple, stated that they want to grow internationally as soon as possible. And because of this investment, their goal can be realised.


Synple can be easily compared to Quicargo, as their interests align very well. While Synple will try to reduce the amount of “empty kilometers” by 50%, effectively increasing profits, it is Quicargo’s goal to prevent these “empty kilometers” to reduce CO2 emission. But while these startups work similarily, their eventual goals are somwhat different. Synple connects carriers to carriers, effectively optimizing their routes. Quicargo however connects any shipper that requires transportation to carriers with empty trucks and handles the transport execution, including payments and track & trace. In short, Quicargo introduces new demand to carriers while Synple greatly optimizes existing demand between carriers.


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