UK-based transit app Citymapper simplifies public transport with cheaper subscription pass

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London-based public transit app and mapping service Citymapper has announced to launch a new subscription service in March or April, which will enable people to pay for weekly travel across all modes of transport mediums, built into a countless card.

The Citymapper Pass will be covering transportation mediums such as Tubes, buses, trains, Santander bikes and Citymapper Ride shared taxi services in London’s zone one and two.

How much will the new service cost?

As of now, the pricing of the new subscription has not been decided yet. However, the price is speculated to be around €5.8 cheaper than (TfL) Transport for London’s weekly zone one and two travel card.

Also, the weekly pass for Tube, buses and trains is speculated to be around €34.5 and may exceed to €46, if the user wants to include unlimited bike usage and two Citymapper Rides.

A TfL spokesperson has revealed that it would be receiving the full amount for any journeys made using Citymapper’s card. Thus, it has been concluded that Citymapper may subsidise customers who sign up. Citymapper officials have claimed that the fares are limited introductory offer.

Citymapper founder and chief executive, Azmat Yusuf stated, “It’s not just about the price, we’d like to provide a better experience, we want to make this really easy and reduce the hassle to a minimum”.

How the new subscription service works?

The new service is being offered through a contactless payment card, which also has the ability to get connected to other payment method for pay-as-you-go plan, if a user is travelling outside the defined zones. The passes will have the capability to integrate with Apple Pay and Google Pay so users can decide to use them as virtual cards as well.

In the early phase, the service will be launched in beta-version and will be short listing some thousand users, who have selected the option of receiving regular updates on the service within its app.

Future plans

In the coming time, Citymapper will be integrating other privately-operated modes of transport on its service. Also, users could also earn reward points, which can be further redeemed against the Citymapper rides. Moreover, users can create personalised subscriptions of the pass in order to make sure that they only pay for the services they are using.

The U.K. based startup has stated that it has projected plans to launch passes in the neighbouring countries, so as to solve the issue of buying physical public transport tickets in foreign languages and currency.

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