Voice Cowboys is giving new voice talent a shot at success

Voice Cowboys is giving new voice talent a shot at success

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While brainstorming about what should be the name of the new ‘web shop of voices’, Dave Leusink came up with the jolly name of Voice Cowboys. The audio-entrepreneur explains it’s just a name that grabs your attention and spreads a positive vibe. Once upon a time in the west of the Netherlands on 27 September of 2016, Voice Cowboys was launched and now aims to become THE new platform where new voices can be heard and used for all kinds of means.

Giving new talent a chance

While working in radio, Dave noticed that the voices heard in commercials were often from the same persons. New talent often experienced problems getting their foot in the door in this niche sector. ‘To find your way into this world as a young voice, can be quit hard’, Dave explained. Also, the way in which the voice market worked was not very efficient. Other voice companies apparently take a while before delivering a product, and the user interface on some of their websites requires a lot of scroll work to in order to find what you are looking for. Therefore it makes sense that producers tend to stick with the people they worked with before. But that could all change with the new website of Voice Cowboys.


A perfect match in just three steps

This website gives new talent the chance to showcase their voices, while customers can find a perfect match in just three steps. First you choose your voice. All the demos are similar and therefore you could easily compare them. Then you give up your text and chose the tone of voice you desire. Finally, you pay and for a few dollars more within 24 hours your product will be delivered. It is a simple concept, just click, play and pay.

Rich spectrum of voices

To come up with a rich spectrum of voices in their database and new undiscovered talents, Voice Cowboys recruited voices from all over the internet. Now they offer a selection of talents that fit every job: corporate films, web videos, e-learning content, voicemails, promotions and commercials. The website also features blogs, for example about how you could become a voice star of your own. Dave guarantees quality: ‘Before we present voices on our website, we screen and check them’.

Cowboys and Kings

The company’s vision is to guarantee quality that is fit for a king, by offering quick delivery with new and established talents in a simple and clear way. Leusink’s future aim is to become no less than “the biggest and best in the world of voices”. The audio-outlaw invested a fistful of dollars of his own money in his new startup, but it seems to be a wise investment already. With big companies like Adecco, Samsung, Sundays, Bijenkorf, TUI, and Hertz using their services, Voice Cowboys truly has the Good, The Bad and The Ugly of the business world among its clientele.


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