Voicey: This Dutch influencer marketing platform can help grow your brand

Voicey: This Dutch influencer marketing platform can help grow your brand

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TV may affect the brain, but influencer marketing affects the heart“, wrote Richard Wong in an Adweek article. It appears a Dutch startup Voicey has taken the message to its heart.

The talk is about, Voicey, an influencer marketing platform that connects brands and social media influencers. It’s a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) application which charges a monthly cost of €40. As per the company press release, the goal is to make Voicey deliver premium influencers to brands looking to connect with customers. The platform offers customized packages as well.

600 handpicked influencers

We’ve seen how run-of-the-mill content churned out by mediocre content producers has lowered the bar of digital marketing. Every now and then there’s a startup that shakes things up and Voicey aims to do that.

It has handpicked 600 plus influencers. Brands that register on the Voicey platform can send on-the-go deals to these influencers through a mobile app. This helps save time for influencers and brands. The process circumvents typical time and effort brands have to dedicate to recruit influencers.

We are not an agency but a digital platform that has the mission to make influencer marketing more accessible, efficient and cheaper for both parties“, says Roderick about the concept. “That is why we have developed two platforms that work perfectly synchronously; a web app for brands and a mobile app for influencers“.

The Block Party Investment Fund

Launched by Roderick Adang and Eelco Guntlisbergen, Voicey was supported by the Block Party investment fund (BP), set-up by a professional footballer and entrepreneur Gregory van der Wiel.

The startup signed a partnership with Kult & Ace,  an Amsterdam-based communication agency specialized in Millennials to help it recruit and get started in the Dutch market.

Other portfolio startups of BP include Hardt Global Mobility and Unless.com. Hardt Global is a company that emerged from the winning team at the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition.

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