Want to beat the heat? These local tech startups will help you survive the heatwave in Amsterdam

Want to beat the heat? These local tech startups will help you survive the heatwave in Amsterdam

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Heatwaves are not unusual, especially during the summer, but when your ice cream melts even before you taste it, boy that’s hot! The scorching summer heat with a 40-degree mark can be tough on our bodies, moods, and what not! Amid the heatwave that broke records across Western Europe, the Netherlands recorded its highest ever temperature at 40.7C. According to scientists, the climate crisis is making summer heatwaves five times more intense.

Escaping this brutal heat can be tough if you don’t have the luxury to stay indoors or setting your AC to the lowest temperature possible. We do have jobs and other responsibilities and should not allow the heat to stop us. Check out a few tips to keep your cool during the heatwaves without losing your sanity!


Founders: Dennis Van Kappen, Floris Van Hoogenhuyze, Thijs Janssen

Funding: €940K

Is there any better way to spend your summer than out on the canals of Amsterdam and party on a boat? If you agree with us, check Barqo, a P2P boat sharing platform right now! Barqo is a boat-sharing platform, where you can book a boat and holiday abroad! Free your inner captain!


Founders: Maarten Poot, Quinten Selhorst

Funding: €3.4M

We know that traveling in public transport on hot summer days is like the worse situation, especially the trams in Amsterdam. In this case, felyx helps you move through the city quickly, affordably and carefree. Based out of Amsterdam, it offers shared electric scooters with zero-emission. Through an app, customers can “rent” e-scooters per minute and get around urban areas quickly. felyx’ e-scooters are available for one-way trips and can be parked anywhere within the designated area.


Founders: Bart Kuijpers, Bart Kuijpers, Bart Kuijpers

Funding: €140M

Summer is upon us and it’s time to keep yourself from melting in this sweltering heat. If you are tempted to buy Air conditioner/Fan, Coolblue is ‘the’ destination for you right now. With the best customer service, it is the biggest online retailer in consumer electronics in the Netherlands and Belgium.


Founders: Fleur Schraven

Funding: €2.1M

Undoubtedly, summer is a great time to go out and have fun in the water. Pick up an environmentally friendly, electric bike from Urbee and zoom off to swimming pool/swimming lakes or even the beach!


Founders:  Christiaan Solcer, Luuc Elzinga, Maarten Raaijmakers, Marijn Speelman, Robert Westers

Funding: €41.3M

Summers opens up the opportunity for spending more time outside! If you are planning for a cultural trip, it’s time for you to download ‘Tiqets.’ If you are unaware, it is a ticketing platform that offers an innovative way to the visitors find, buy, and use tickets for museums, shows, and attractions. Also you can book museum tours during this heatwave as museums have aircools. With Tiqets you can book in seconds and show the tickets on your smartphone. No printing, no waiting, no hassle.


Founders: Camille Richardson, Serge Brabander

Funding: €5.1M

Going to the gym to beat the heat by working out in a place that you know will be air-conditioned is ‘AWESOME.’ Check out OneFit, a network offering a multitude of different gyms and studios through a single monthly membership. OneFit is active in the Netherlands, Germany, and Spain. And you can even find some swimming pools through their app.


To escape this brutal heatwave, there are still some cooler destinations where you can beat the heat, luckily! Book a trip to Austria, Switzerland, or even Alaska! When it comes to booking a hotel, what’s better than Booking.com? Most of them are aware of it, if not Booking.com provides an online accommodation reservation service in more than 40 languages and offers over 566,189 properties in 210 countries.

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