These are Web Summit’s 2016 most popular Benelux-based startups

These are Web Summit’s 2016 most popular Benelux-based startups

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Earlier this week Web Summit released a list of the fifty most in demand startups that investors are requesting meetings with at Web Summit 2016. Over 5000 meetings between startups and investors have been scheduled. Among the list of fifty we spotted four Benelux companies; three Dutch startups and one from Belgium. Here is a closer look at these four startups who are all operating in different fields.


First up is Connecterra, a startup that manufactures wearable dairy activity monitors for cows, with an accompanying SaaS-platform. Through several sensors, farmers can get a detailed insight into the bovine behaviour, location and health. The sensors offer valuable information for the farmer and improves the cows’ health. Connecterra estimates that its technology can make cows up to 20 percent more productive.


It’s no surprise Connecterra have been attracting widespread attention from investors already; last year they won the Alpha PITCH competition at the Web Summit in Dublin out of an impressive 200 other participating startups from all over the world. In July, the startup also won the prestigious Dell for Entrepreneurs Award 2016. In May this year the company announced they secured €1.8M in funding.

Second startup on the list is This company has developed a platform where companies can use artificial-intelligence based software to interact with their customers in more effective ways. Examples of their products include smart chatbots that use natural language, customized widgets and contextual input fields. These can change dynamically based on the user’s input, for instance by entering sensitive information like a password. has already had quite some success last year when they won the Startup Challenge from Media Markt (Europe’s largest retailer for consumer electronics) and Get in the Ring.


The last Dutch entry in the top 50 is Vatfree. This startup has jumped on a loophole in EU-laws with which it helps international travelers claim back the Value Added Tax paid over goods. The company claims to enable customers to get up to 25% of their EU-wide shopping back this way.


Belgium is also represented on the list with Brussel-based startup Edebex, that offers companies an online marketplace to sell unpaid invoices. Buyers of the invoices get a discount of the total amount and make a high return on investment once they paid their invoice. At the same time companies can get quick cash without any risk or high interest rate. Over 65 million euro’s worth of transactions have been made on the platform. The company recently announced to start operating in France as well.


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