YES!Delft selected eight tech-startups for new round of Incubation program

YES!Delft selected eight tech-startups for new round of Incubation program

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YES!Delft selected eight startups for the first of three incubation program of this year. The tech incubator has been training 180 startups for the last yen years. This latest installment is a six-months during program aimed specifically at the sustainable growth of startups. Besides this program, the Launch Lab of three months also takes place, in which startups explore the market and validate their ideas.

YES!Delft loves rocket science

YES!Delft’s startups have one thing in common: they make use of complex technologies to solve a particular problem. Or, in their own words; rocket science above pizza delivery apps. In the previous round, we saw that all selected startups built hardware products. This time the startups offer different types of products as well. Also the sectors are varying, but three out of eight startups offer a product in the medical sector, and two of them focus on clean tech.

Health-& Medtech

Most of us may take their ability to walk or run for granted, however, for those with an amputated limb, it is not always easy. Gyromotics is on its way to develop an advanced prosthetic leg, focusing on the functional as well as the aesthetical aspects of it.
MoMoMedical develops smart sensor technology that is to improve daily care in hospitals. The startup is now working on a technology to prevent so-called pressure ulcers: skin damage caused by pressure or friction. Crescent Vision developed a wearable virtual reality camera that surgeons can wear and share it with medical students.

Clean tech

We can hardly see technological innovation separate from climate change. Kitepower offers high altitude wind energy systems as a new powerful energy solution. The systems are both low-cost and environmentally friendly. Polytential wants to improve the process of plastic recycling. By purifying the plastic waste, even high quality plastic products can be manufactured with recycled plastic.

Kitepower’s wind energy

More promising startups

The remaining selected startups surely are not less interesting. MainBlades Inspections develops advanced drones that are to be used for the inspection of air crafts. Warp Industries created a Virtual Reality software with learning tools for your smartphone. And for those among us always losing their keys, Loqed might offer the perfect solution: a keyless smartlock for your home door.

MainBlades Inspection

Interested in joining YES!Delft’s Incubation Program? Registrations for round two are now open. You can apply here. Deadline is the 25th of April.

Photos from YES!Delft website, KitePower website, and MainBlades website

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