ZIVVER secures $12M in funding: Here’s how Dutch secure communication startup plans to gain market share

ZIVVER secures $12M in funding: Here’s how Dutch secure communication startup plans to gain market share

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Data leaks or data breaches often happen everywhere, in fact keeping a count is extremely difficult. To protect everyone from the unsafe use of sensitive information, ZIVVER was founded in 2015 to solve three crucial needs: user-friendliness, control and safety.

Secured $12M in funding

Recently, the Netherlands-based provider of secure communications platform raised $12M in funding led by Dawn Capital, with participation from DN Capital and an existing investor henQ Capital Partners. With this, ZIVVER raised a total of $15.2M in funding over two rounds.

The company will be using this fund to expand its markets such as the legal and business services and other countries. Besides, the ZIVVER team is expected to grow from the current 65 to over 100 employees in the upcoming months, with offices in different countries.

What makes ZIVVER reliable?

Now and then, we exchange sensitive information be it e-mail, Whatsapp and more. Increasingly such personal information is shared in the field like healthcare, law, banking and more. In this case, one cannot share patient report, account details or contract over regular e-mail or chat which are vulnerable to hacking and leaks.

This is where ZIVVER comes into the play! The solution by ZIVVER can be used within your standard e-mail, like outlook, via WhatsApp or other user-friendly apps. With their solution, they help organisations to prevent sensitive information from being shared with the wrong persons in the wrong way and thus prevent them from high financial penalties and severe damage to their reputation.

Focusing on the cause makes it perfect!

ZIVVER offers a user-friendly solution for secure e-mail and file transfer. The company focuses more on the most substantial cause of data leaks: human errors, such as addressing e-mails incorrectly, adding incorrect attachments and using weak passwords. The company uses application that helps in securing sensitive information before, during and after sending messages and large files up to 5,000GB.

Since the introduction of the platform in 2017, ZIVVER has gained a considerable market share in the Dutch healthcare and public sector, including 20% ​​of all Dutch hospitals and 20% of Dutch municipalities.

Triple safe technology

According to Rick Goud, co-founder of ZIVVER, most of the programs, available right now doesn’t offer a complete solution. It is either safety or user-friendly, no middle ground. In this case, ZIVVER provides a tool called ‘Triple Safe’ to prevent data leaks and manage risks by preventing human error and ensuring that no one including hackers can access it. Further, ZIVVER also offers the possibility that, if you accidentally were not at home, you can withdraw an e-mail.

Connect seamlessly

The software works with Outlook and connects seamlessly with other systems. Because of this user-friendliness, ZIVVER also sees increasing interest from other markets like the legal profession, business service providers and insurers.

Moreover, the Amsterdam organisation, ZIVVER recently contracted several hospitals in Belgium and Germany, marking the beginning of rapid internationalisation.

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