These 9 tech startups are doing incredibly well in the field of artificial intelligence

These 9 tech startups are doing incredibly well in the field of artificial intelligence

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Accelerators and incubators are important for the progress of the startup ecosystem. As Amsterdam is a thriving city in Europe when it comes to startups, there are several accelerators and incubators to motivate the early stage startups and entrepreneurs to provide them with the necessary training and direction to move towards success.

On the similar lines, Rockstart is a startup incubator based in Amsterdam. It was founded by Oscar Kneppers, Rune Theill and Don Ritzen and conducts programs to provide the young startups and entrepreneurs the right platform. The company supports the entrepreneurs and connects them with the bright minds in the industry. It also provides them access to talents, capital, corporate partners and coaching in the industry.

Now, the accelerator has announced its second AI Accelerator program for the owners of AI-based startups to grow their companies and also scale them globally. Taking place in Den Bosch in the Netherlands, this program will require talented entrepreneurs from all over the world spend the next 180 days in building and refining their products, getting inputs from mentors and connecting to potential investors and customers.

This program succeeds the first AI program, which was quite successful with three alumni raising nearly €1.2 million in just 6 months after the program. Also, a wide range of collaborations between startups and corporates were facilitated.

Today, Silicon Canals takes a look at these nine global startups from seven countries that will take part in Rockstart’s second AI accelerator program and how they have ideas worth sharing.

#1 Cramstack – Bangladesh

Founded in 2016 by Hasib Mahmud and Mir Sakib in Dhaka, Cramstack is a search-driven analytics platform for business intelligence. It provides a natural language-driven interface, which analyses and visualises data and learns from user behaviour. Unlike the other business intelligence platforms, it eliminates the software learning curve. Cramstack can be connected with several data sources providing a smart analytics ecosystem, which will automatically model data and facilitate the generation of insights.

#2 Sentetic – Italy

Sentetic was founded in 2015 by Sandro Bovelli. It works with any equipment connected with sensors, and extracts data directly from the database of users or enterprise asset management system. The historical data is used to do several tasks such as identifying unseen anomalies and scheduling tasks on priority classes.

#3 Medvice – The Netherlands

Medvice was founded in 2017 by Ziyaad Jaber and Tareq Jaber. It has raised a funding of €50K and makes use of the neural networks in order to help doctors take decisions and accelerate the consultation process. Medvice AI learns and processes better and smart solutions to improve care. The use of AI makes Medvice consultation safer and cost efficient and reduces waiting time.

#4 Element 13 – France

Founded in 2015 in France, Element 13 is behind the creation of Loud ML. It is a machine learning add-on for the data providers such as InfluxData’s, TICK stack and Elasticsearch. It makes use of CLI in order to create, train and manage machine learning jobs. It also provides an API embed machine learning directly into users application. It aims to facilitate AI technology adoption in the fastest time possible.

#5 Pixyle – Macedonia

Pixyle uses AI to train machines to identify garments in images. It performs similarity matching of the clothes in images with the clothes of sustainable brands it collaborates with. Eventually, it recommends where to buy the item thereby making consumers know where they can buy products from sustainable brands easily.

#6 Agrex AI – India

Agrex AI based in India transforms visual data into actionable business intelligence. It lets users count customers and recognize them by gender and age. With this, retailers can gain valuable intelligence and understand what merchandise their users will need. The Agrex Video content analysis lets users automatically analyse video so that they can detect and determine real-time events.

#7 Taktify – Iran

Iranian startup Taktify supported by two Iranian women. It provides users with a smart social media post management solution via AI and removes the need for media experts. Using both text data mining and image recognition, it can provide the companies with valuable insights feedback, profiles and preferences.

#8 Xane AI – India

Indian startup Xane AI is an AI chatbot for employee management. It acts as an assistant for the CEOs and interacts with the employees via AI and machine learning on behalf of the CEOs. It can be used with any collaboration platform used by the company.

#9 Footty – Ukraine

Footty based in Ukraine uses image recognition AI technology in order to create high-quality foot scans and come up with the accurate shoe fit prediction. It is based on photos of feet and sales data. It ensures people use perfectly fitting shoes. It doesn’t require any app or hardware and can be used by the online and offline retailers.

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