This Spanish deeptech scaleup aims to offer super-fast wireless internet to everyone in the world

This Spanish deeptech scaleup aims to offer super-fast wireless internet to everyone in the world

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Setting up wireless infrastructures for all kinds of environments including residential, offices, aviation, rail, maritime and others involves several challenges related to the environment, signal integrity, and protocol selection. But here comes a Spanish telecommunications engineering company that develops and markets a unique WiFi technology that is currently being used by numerous OEMs and system integrators worldwide to deliver high-performing WiFi networks.

Galgus boosts WiFi performance by 400%

Based out of Seville, Galgus, a Spanish deep tech scaleup uses ‘Cognitive Hotspot Technology (CHT)’ that boosts WiFi performance by up to 400%, while also reducing interference levels, radiation levels and power consumption by 40-60%.

Founded by Sevillian engineers José González Garrido and José Antonio Delgado Alfonso, the company was born in 2013 to solve the saturation of current Wi-Fi networks, especially in high-density spaces of connected users like transport, commercial or business areas and educational environments. The company wants the end user enjoys good Wi-Fi connectivity at the end.

Doesn’t require any central controller!

It also reduces the number of access points needed in WiFi deployments and thus costs. CHT is a fully distributed technology which needs no central controller. Right now, the company is aiming to exceed three million in revenues in two years which will allow Galgus to enter another phase of its expansion.

Joins EIT Digital Accelerator

Recently, Galgus has joined Europe’s leading accelerator, EIT Digital. Notably, for its technology, Galgus was awarded in the EIT Digital Challenge 2016 in the category Digital Infrastructure and benefited already back then from the support of EIT Digital.

Head of Marketing, Pedro Garcia states, “Back in 2016, the EIT Digital Challenge gave us a lot of international visibility, major media outlets wrote about us which strengthened conversations with potential clients. Now we decided to join the EIT Digital Accelerator as we believe that EIT Digital is a great ally to achieve our business goals and scale.”

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