U-Violet wins UAUS’ Startup Tech Event 2017

U-Violet wins UAUS’ Startup Tech Event 2017

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U-Violet is the winner of the Startup Tech Event 2017, which the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences organised on Friday January the 20th. The startup that is developing a special bracelet that warns users when they are in danger of getting sunburnt took home the jury prize worth 500 euro’s. Floji, a startup that works on a portable device that filters tap water, came in second and won the audience award.

Minor program

During the annual event hosted by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), nine student startups had the chance to pitch their business plan and product to a jury and audience. The Startup Tech Event marks the end of the special Startup Your Business in Technology (SYBIT) minor program  of the AUAS where students get to develop their entrepreneurial qualities and bring a technological product to market.

Dreams? Problems?

It was an afternoon with a lot of stammering voices, oversized jackets and a remarkably low amount of female students. At demo days and events like these, phrases like ‘making dreams come true’ and ‘fixing important problems for a better future’ are being thrown around by investors, startups and presenters a bit too frequently. Unfortunately however, most of the ideas that were presented by the young entrepreneurs at this Tech Event weren’t all that original or innovative.


Out of nine startup teams (36 students) only the winner truly had the ability to convince the audience and the jury of their idea. Other startups like Popwood (a wooden bottle opener), MyKey (a wireless powerbank that isn’t wireless) and Buurtmandje (yet another on demand delivery service) are indicative examples that the minor didn’t produce the exiting ideas it promises this year – something the judges also noticed with their critical feedback.


Thankfully, though, there was U-Violet. The startup pitched the U-sun, a small waterproof bracelet with a built-in UV-detector that warns sunbathers when they’re about to burn. The bracelet’s settings can be adjusted according to specific skin type – a special version for children with a GPS function is also in development.

Spreading awareness

The judges praised U-Violet’s pitch and product for the interesting tech, their market knowledge and the ability to actually recognize and fix an important problem: the alarmingly high number of skin cancer patients in The Netherlands and the lack of awareness about the dangers of unprotected sunbathing. The U-sun could spread awareness and potentially save lives. And those are exactly the ideas young entrepreneurs should focus on.

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