Festicket, UK-based festival booking platform launches new feature to make group bookings easy

Festicket, UK-based festival booking platform launches new feature to make group bookings easy

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Festicket, a UK-based festival booking platform makes booking festival experiences in Europe as simple as booking a holiday. It lets you discover and book festival tickets and also plan a travel itinerary.

Founded in 2012 by Zack Sabban and Jonathan Younes, Festicket recently hit the headlines as it acquired Event Genius, a UK-based ticketing and event management platform along with its brand Ticket Arena.

In a recent development, Festicket has launched a new feature called “Pay with Friends”, which lets users pay for group festival tickets. This feature lets a single user make ticket reservations for a whole group. What’s more interesting is that it lets the lead booker pay only for a part of the total cost up front. The rest of the group will have 48 hours to make their individual payments.

How does it work?

On selecting multiple tickets or packages, the lead booker can opt for the “Pay with Friends” option and split the overall cost. Doing so, the lead booker can pay only for their part of the booking. And, the person can send a link to the other members of the group for them to pay for their part individually within 48 hours. Once all members of the group make their payments, the order will be confirmed and can be accessed through their Festicket account.

In case, the group does not pay within the specified 48-hour deadline, the booking will be released and the lead booker will be charged a small non-refundable deposit spent at the time of reserving the booking.

Beneficial for groups

The new “Pay with Friends” feature was introduced due to the popularity of group bookings on the festival ticket booking platform. As per a survey conducted by Festicket, around 60% of festival-goers attend the same as a group of over three and around 20% of them belong to groups of over six. Furthermore, the company notes that festivals have become a popular alternative to group holidays. There has been a 400% increase in international festival travel over the past five years.

Zack Sabban, our CEO and Co-founder, said, “Our goal is to make festival discovery and booking as easy as possible for fans so they can focus on what matters – enjoying the festival. Groups are a big priority for us as the group is usually an important part of the festival experience.

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