Want to work in Denmark? Here are 10 Danish tech startups hiring at the fastest rate in 2019

Want to work in Denmark? Here are 10 Danish tech startups hiring at the fastest rate in 2019

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Denmark is one of the most exciting and thriving startup hubs in Europe. The country is home to hundreds of tech startups ranging from big data to apps. The country is considered a haven by the entrepreneurs and startups as it offers them benefits such as low corporate tax rates and high level of transparency. Moreover, the government provides attractive incentives to the entrepreneurs.

In Denmark, Copenhagen is a bustling startup city that is home to an array of pragmatic and cutting-edge technologies. Eventually, there will be numerous job opportunities for fresh talent in the city. So, here we list some of the tech startups that you can work for in Denmark as curated from Dealroom.

Area 9 (Copenhagen)

Founders – Khurram Jamil, Ulrik Juul Christensen
Funding – €27.3 million

Founded in 2006, Area9 is a group of companies across industries such as content development, computer science, learning, human factors and product development. The current client base of this company includes large international companies including Coloplast, Hitachi Data Systems and Topshop.

Templafy (Copenhagen)

Founders – Christian Lund, Henrik Printzlau, Jesper Theill Eriksen
Funding – €32.9 million

This startup was founded in 2014 and is the world’s first cloud-based template management system. Templafy simplifies management of enterprise templates and documents. It helps employees create legally compliant, on-brand and personalised documents. As it runs in the cloud, it is inexpensive and fast to use.

2021.AI (Copenhagen)

Founders – Mikael Munck
Funding – €4.7 million

2021.AI is an applied AI technology provider established in 2016. Its premium portfolio comprises pivotal AI solutions and services that are deployed across 10 verticals including manufacturing and finance. It serves the requirements of the growing client base across Europe, US and the Middle East. The company has R&D centres located in Europe and India.

LassoX (Copenhagen)

Founders – Jakob Bech Benediktson, Jeppe Bech Madsen
Funding – €2 million

LassoX founded in 2013 is a software company providing market data in industry-specific solutions. The data solution offered by the company is accessible via web and its clients’ existing business system. This startup helps businesses explore hidden opportunities with its data solution.

Too Good To Go (Copenhagen)

Founders – Mette Lykke and Jamie Crummie
Funding – €10.3 million

Founded in 2016, Too Good To Go is a leading app that combats food waste. The app is free to use and connects customers to stores and restaurants that have unsold and surplus food. The company works with over 15,000 food retailers including YO! Sushi, Accor Hotels, Carrefour, Scandic and Mandarin Oriental.

OnRobot (Copenhagen)

Founders – Bilge Jacob Christiansen, Ebbe Overgaard Fuglsang
Funding – €14.2 million

OnRobot was founded in 2015 and offers both hardware and software technologies used for collaborative robot solutions called cobots. It develops sensors, grippers and other cobot equipment that make use of technology to make packaging, material handling, assembly, welding, machine maintenance and quality control easy.

Peakon (Copenhagen)

Founders – Christian Holm, Dan Rogers, Kasper Hulthin, Phillip Chambers
Funding – €66.8 million

Peakon operating since 2015 is a platform to measure and improve employee engagement. The startup offers services so that employers can gather real-time feedback from employers. The company claims that it is data-driven but not a survey company. Initially, it was started off as a people analytics service but evolved to become a complete SaaS for employee retention.

Cylindo (Copenhagen)

Founders – Ferdinand Kjaerulff, Janus Jagd, Lasse Krügermeier
Funding – €2.7 million

Founded in 2012, Cylindo is a software development startup for the furniture industry. It offers furniture visualisation tools for consumers. It supports over 1500 websites and shops including Norway’s largest furniture retailer Bohus and the German Bettenwelt. It allows furniture retailers and makers take maximum advantage of its advanced technology to improve brand image and increase sales.

Mover (Copenhagen)

Founders – Oliver Venndt Kaszas
Funding – €1 million

Founded in 2015, Mover is Denmark’s largest community of on-demand drivers and hauliers. The startup delivers fast, cheap and easy transport services to customers. It helps customers in the best possible way by letting them choose the right user type.

Lunar Way (Copenhagen)

Founders – Ken Villum Klausen
Funding – €21.7 million

The Danish fintech startup Lunar Way was established in 2015. It is known for breaking the monopoly market on payment services. It lets users pay their bills, analyse their consumption via the Lunar Way app and transfer money. All this can be done while the users’ money stays in their regular bank account.

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