Quantive Launches StrategyAI Aimed at Transforming the Current Consultant and People-Centric Approach to Business Strategy



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New Offering Provides an “Always-On” Solution for Developing, Executing, and Evaluating Business Strategies Across Every Level of an Organization

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Quantive, the world’s leading strategy management software and services company, today announced Quantive StrategyAI. This first-of-its-kind offering brings together the data, technology, and expertise organizations need to turn their strategic ambitions into reality within a single solution.

In today’s rapidly evolving, highly uncertain business environment, strategic management as a calendar-based, top-down, people-centric activity is proving to be woefully inadequate. Studies show that the traditional, decades-old approach creates a “strategy gap,” resulting in the average organization realizing less than half its strategic potential each year. Even those who can conceive the best strategies often fail due to their organization’s inability to quickly adapt to changing business conditions.

Quantive StrategyAI transforms how business strategy works by integrating AI throughout the strategic management process — from understanding the current state to evaluating and making strategic choices to tightly connecting strategic initiatives to the operating activities across every level of an organization. The result is an “always-on” model where strategy continuously adapts as the business context and environment change.

Quantive StrategyAI allows organizations to:

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  • Respond to change by monitoring the business context and initiating strategy reviews and decision-making continuously.
  • Overcome the natural bias towards the status quo to embrace and explore uncertainty and seize new, untapped opportunities.
  • Localize execution within the teams and functions tasked with the primary value-creating activities, regardless of organizational hierarchy.
  • Use the data and insights available to identify issues, adapt quickly, and execute effectively.

“The wealth of data and the diffusion of AI technologies now allow organizations to reimagine their approach to strategic decision-making completely,” said Quantive CEO Carmine Visconti. “The old approach of a few smart people stepping aside once a year to determine which strategic bets to make is over. It never really made sense if you think about it, but we had no viable alternative. Now we do. AI and data democratization change everything as they enable full alignment between the velocity of making strategic and financially sound decisions with the speed of change in business today.”

Built upon Quantive’s market-leading strategy execution software, the new platform consists of three primary capabilities:

  • Quantive Strategies for strategy development – Evaluate the most lucrative opportunities, challenges to tackle, or risks to mitigate by maximizing the strategic choices that best position the company to achieve its objectives.
  • Quantive Results for strategy activation and execution – Communicate the strategic priorities and align the organization’s goals, resources, and operational processes necessary to achieve the strategic objectives.
  • Quantive Signals for strategy evaluation – Assess and forecast performance against a set of strategic objectives and make necessary adjustments when needed.

Quantive StrategyAI accelerates insights, decision-making, and connectivity across the entire strategy management process with hundreds of prebuilt connectors and a no-code integration interface. Quantive StrategyAI is also built with the ability to scale, and the controls needed for large, privacy and security-sensitive enterprises.

“Our new module, Quantive Strategies, helps organizations leverage public and private data grounded in proven frameworks to inform the strategic decisions needed to shape their futures. It also fosters a collaborative environment where multiple stakeholders can contribute to decision-making, recognizing that great strategies are born from collective insight,” said Quantive Chief Product Officer Ying Chen. “In the AI era, data is king, and from the beginning, we’ve put data at the core of our platform, allowing us to leverage descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive AI throughout the strategic management workflows. The goal is no longer to ‘close the strategy gap,’ rather it’s to eliminate the gap — that is strategy and execution become one and the same.”

Over the past four years, the volatile business environment has reinforced the mandate for enterprise agility and resilience. Whether changing customer preferences, moving into new markets, developing new products, evaluating M&A opportunities, or identifying operational inefficiencies, Quantive believes the capacity to effectively and quickly respond will enable organizations to create an enduring competitive advantage.

To learn more about Quantive StrategyAI and its innovative capabilities, please visit www.quantive.com.

About Quantive

Quantive helps build future-ready organizations by embedding strategic agility and execution into the day-to-day. Quantive StrategyAI, the world’s first AI-powered strategic intelligence platform, enables over 2,000 customers to continuously develop, execute, and evaluate their strategy as the business context and environment change. We call it “always-on strategy.” By bringing together technology, data, and expertise, Quantive customers have everything they need to achieve their full potential. For more information, visit www.quantive.com.


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