Amsterdam’s Re:Invent acquires Dutch workplace app Choosewise to efficiently utilise empty spaces



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Amsterdam-based Re:Invent, a company that aims to change the way we work and how we use buildings, workplaces and offices, announced on Wednesday that it has acquired Rotterdam’s workplace app Choosewise.

During the first Covid-19 lockdown two years ago, Roos Zondervan and Florien Smits conceptualised the idea for a pay-per-use app for offices, Choosewise.

The Choosewise platform links flexible (laptop) workers with coworking spaces and multipurpose buildings. Users pay for a workspace and meeting space by the minute.

Zondervan says, “We believe in the Work From Anywhere concept with a third, inspiring workplace close to home. The use of pay-per-use workplaces will increase. We are very pleased with the acquisition and the opportunity that Choosewise will have to grow successfully.”


According to Re:Invent, both companies aim to redefine the real estate value chain by putting the user at the centre.

Re:Invent was founded by Martijn Roordink and Michiel Brouwer. The company aims to transform how people utilise offices, buildings, and workspaces. With this acquisition, the company has added the pay-per-minute platform to its property management platform.

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The concept of Work-as-a-Service is getting more depth, says Re:Invent. Now, employees can pick the workplace that is most conducive to their activities by creating low-threshold, accessible workspaces in several central locations in the country.

Aim of the acquisition

With this acquisition, Choosewise will offer Re:Invent location partners the chance to efficiently utilise empty spaces. Additionally, locations will be completely unburdened by a full property management platform including admin for users.

Through fewer commutes, the platform also helps to lower CO2 emissions. This means, professionals who use laptops have a chance to collaborate in a professional setting near their homes.

For instance, Re:Invent helps with the ESG policy that is becoming increasingly important for both employers and building owners.

Roordink says, “This acquisition will further our mission for a more innovative and flexible future in real estate. That starts with defining every user of a building as a customer. We, therefore, see great opportunities to jointly add value in the new office value chain.”

About Re:Invent

By utilising a Smart Digital Inventory and Property Management Platform on behalf of property owners, Re:Invent is modernising the conventional relationship between tenant and landlord.

Building owners can outsource the integral management of buildings to Re:Invent to provide better services to users in buildings. The company claims to optimise user experience, provide the highest return, and make work simpler for today’s property owners.

Re:Invent also has the ISAE 3402 certification since June 2022. ISAE 3402 is an international standard for reporting on outsourced processes. This standard provides assurance about the quality of the internal processes and control measures related to the services provided by a service organisation.


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