Samsara Launches Enterprise-Grade Asset Tag to Provide Increased Visibility for Physical Operations



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First of its kind IoT device powered by Samsara Network enables powerful location tracking to protect assets and reduce costs

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#SamsaraBeyond–Today, at its Beyond conference, Samsara Inc. (“Samsara”) (NYSE: IOT) announced the industry’s first enterprise-grade Asset Tag designed to meet customer demand for tracking and managing small, high-value assets. This new device leverages the Samsara Network to offer increased visibility into the location of mission-critical equipment and tools. As a result, organizations can minimize downtime spent searching for lost or stolen items, reduce associated costs, and simplify inventory management.

The industries that power our global economy – like transportation, oil and gas, and construction – have complex operations that rely on specialized assets to get their work done each day. These assets include toolboxes, jackhammers, chemical totes, and more. Due to manual inventory processes and a lack of connected systems, the recurring loss or theft of these materials can cost organizations millions of dollars every year.

But as sensors get more compact, sophisticated, and easier to install, they can track anything – big or small. Samsara’s Asset Tag was built around this opportunity: to provide unprecedented access and visibility into valuable assets at scale. By connecting critical assets to the cloud for the first time, customers can now easily capture and analyze location insights to significantly improve operational efficiency.

The Pike Corporation is a leading provider of infrastructure solutions for electric and gas utility companies within the United States. They use the Samsara platform across Vehicle Telematics, Video-Based Safety, and Asset Tracking to connect their operations. Most recently, Pike has begun testing Samsara’s Asset Tag to help recover misplaced or lost tools and equipment and accurately track safety PPE to comply with annual OSHA testing requirements.

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“We have several high-value assets like service gloves and electrical grounds that don’t have serial numbers, but still need to be tracked, managed, and inspected to remain compliant,” said James Banner, Senior Vice President of Administration at Pike Electric. “Previously misplaced equipment would take us weeks to locate and if lost entirely, cost up to a million dollars to replace annually. With Samsara’s Asset Tags, we are hoping to minimize this downtime, cut costs, and digitize manual inspection processes – all while keeping our employees safe and efficient. We’re just getting started with this technology and I look forward to seeing what else it can do.”

With the Samsara Asset Tag, organizations can expect to:

  • Prevent loss and recover stolen assets: with advanced location tracking technology powered by Samsara’s vast network of gateways.
  • Reduce downtime and boost productivity: by sharing asset locations with technicians in the field via the Samsara Driver App and avoid service disruptions with Inventory Filtering, which pulls a summary of assets and applies filters to identify which tools are in close proximity.
  • Better manage inventory: and increase operational efficiency with a consolidated dashboard and easy-to-use reporting.

Powerful location tracking capabilities within the Asset Tag are enabled by the Samsara Network, made up of millions of IoT devices worldwide. This network coverage powered by Samsara devices leverages industrial-grade BLE technology and offers enterprise reliability designed to withstand the ruggedized, complex environments of physical operations.

“About a year ago, the Asset Tag was born from a radical idea that we could use the millions of Samsara Gateways we have out in the field to create a network, enabling ‘tags’ to ping off those devices. With this, we’d unlock a level of asset tracking that was previously impossible and solve even more real-world problems for our customers,” explained David Gal, Vice President, Product and Engineering at Samsara. “After months of rigorous testing and customer feedback, I’m excited to see this vision become a reality. As we further connect every aspect of physical operations, we can turn massive amounts of data into valuable insights and drive real results.”

Asset Tag is shipping now to customers across North America and Europe. Learn more here.

About Samsara

Samsara (NYSE: IOT) is the pioneer of the Connected Operations™ Cloud, which is a platform that enables organizations that depend on physical operations to harness Internet of Things (IoT) data to develop actionable insights and improve their operations. With tens of thousands of customers across North America and Europe, Samsara is a proud technology partner to the people who keep our global economy running, including the world’s leading organizations across construction, transportation and warehousing, field services, manufacturing, retail, logistics, and the public sector. The company’s mission is to increase the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of the operations that power the global economy.

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