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Everyone knows the fact that moving from one house to the other in the same city or relocating to another place can be a Herculean task. While earlier we had to depend on ourselves, now the services of packers and movers have come to rescue to ensure a smooth relocation.

Offers insight and aims to increase transparency

Finding movers with the right value for money is another hassle. And did you know that the offerings in movers vary widely? To help you with this, ScanMovers has been established. For the uninitiated, ScanMovers gives an insight into prices, ratings, and different service levels of moving companies.

Expanding to 6 countries!

In the latest move, the company expands to Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Luxembourg, Austria, and Belgium. With this, the Amsterdam-based scale-up aims to increase the transparency of the European movers market.

Boyan Nijpels, ScanMovers founder: 

Moving charts in the top three of the most stressful experiences in life. Finding a good mover is at least as difficult. The price differences between movers are enormous, yet movers charging higher prices do not guarantee higher quality. By using platform-economy principles, we aim to increase the efficiency of the European movers market.

Organic request!

The company has been receiving organic requests from all over the world. Most of these stem from London and Berlin, yet even countries like Colombia, Cameroon, Egypt, Pakistan, and the U.S. have been requesting the company’s services.

Erik Wienk, former Booking- and Treatwell-CFO and ScanMovers advisor, states the following on internationalization: 

- A message from our partner -

ScanMovers cleverly utilizes all possibilities made available by the internet and online marketing. Because of this, ScanMovers can map the local market within several weeks. Accessible technology allows partners to link to the company quickly. Through this, a clear picture of every mover’s market is created. This makes it a very scalable solution with a promising future.

Secured €1.25 million 

To date, ScanMovers has collected a growth capital of 1.25 million euros over several rounds. Founded in late 2016, it has acquainted consumers from Brussels, Leuven, Copenhagen, Vienna, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Malmö, Luxembourg, and Duisburg to help them find movers at a fair price.

According to Nijpels, the moving sector is conservative, and the process of moving house is paired with many rules and regulations.

He also said: 

It should, as not all movers are working in good faith. Hence, we continually try to clean up the platform. In every new city, we meet local regulations and offer a paid trial period to our movers. Without being physically present, we have been able to connect with 12 cities within the past six months. We aim to operate outside of Europe before the end of 2021.

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