Sensata Paves the Way for Sustainable Water Use with New Smart Pressure Sensor for In-Meter Monitoring



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  • Sensata’s new Digital Water Pressure Sensor allows for remote pressure monitoring by utilities to identify distribution issues, leaks, and other non-revenue water events.
  • Unique package designed to manage pressure throughout life of the meter.
  • Helps utilities better address challenges in sustainable water system management.
  • Sensor has low power consumption combined with a robust design to withstand harsh conditions.

SWINDON, United Kingdom–(BUSINESS WIRE)–$ST #SustainabilitySensata Technologies (NYSE: ST), today announced the launch of the 129CP Series Digital Water Pressure Sensor, which will help deliver enhanced smart pressure monitoring capabilities to water utilities and drive waste reduction.

Water utilities manage extensive infrastructure to pump and deliver water to commercial and residential buildings. However, a significant portion is classified as non-revenue water, meaning water is lost due to leaks within the network, metering inaccuracies, unauthorized consumption, or other issues. The International Water Association found that 30 percent of water produced worldwide is wasted.

Sensata’s new sensor design will improve efficiency and reliability in water metering; combining precision pressure monitoring with digital communication to enable water meters to deliver granular insights in water usage.

The compact sensor can monitor pressure ranges from 0-232 psi, and is engineered with the rugged construction needed to survive 10 to 15 years in a challenging high-moisture, high-shock environment. It was also designed to integrate directly into a meter’s printed circuit board (PCB), and deliver a digital I2C output – requiring extremely low power consumption to help optimize battery life.

Utilities monitoring pressure outputs from the sensor can use the network of pressure sensing data to quickly identify leaks and other issues to minimize both real losses and non-revenue water cost impacts.

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“Sensata’s new Digital Water Pressure Sensor is a robust, reliable solution which delivers the in-meter pressure sensing our customers need to deliver the next generation of smart, connected water meters,” says Alice Martins, Vice President for Sensata’s Industrial Solutions. “This transition will help utilities better manage their critical infrastructure and address water inequality worldwide.”

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