SkinVision: AI-powered app spots 95% of skin cancer, Amsterdam startup talks about pandemic, partnership and more



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Warmer weather is right at our doorsteps but with lockdown in effect, there are select outdoor activities to go for. However, this doesn’t mean that we can be lax about sun safety while going out. In order to help their consumers be aware, SkinVision and UV-Fashions have announced a partnership. 

SkinVision is an Amsterdam based startup that enables one to perform regular self-checks for skin cancer with their phone. The Netherlands based UV-Fashions is the largest importer and supplier of UV clothing in Europe. Under the partnership, both companies will carry out some activities to inform their consumers about the importance of sun safety. 

Technology and clothing to protect you from the sun

With advancements in technology, we now have certain tools at our disposal that can help us live a better life. Alongside being easy to use. SkinVision’s AI-powered app has a sensitivity of 95.1% in detecting the most common forms of skin cancer. Additionally, this can be done from the comfort of one’s home, which is a great relief during the pandemic.

UV-Fashions is the largest importer and supplier of UV clothing in Europe. The company is committed to creating awareness about UV protection and it offers clothing that protects against sunburn, ageing, and skin cancer. In case one is thinking of stepping out into the sun, they should definitely consider UV clothing. 

Erik de Heus, CEO of SkinVision says, “We are happy to partner with UV-Fashions to support our customers not only with the early identification of skin cancer but also helping them to stay safe in the sun. Everybody has this great desire to be out when the weather is nice, and with the right clothes, this can be done while minimizing the negative impact the sun has on the skin. This kind of prevention and protection will be very common in the near future. The rapidly growing rates of skin cancer around the world will support this change.”

Jan Willem van der Sterreinserted, the founder of UV-Fashions and JUJA, says, “Our mission is to prevent skin cancer and to provide anyone with a medical skin problem freedom in the sun.”

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Pandemic, partnership and more

Almost all businesses are heavily impacted by the current COVID-19 scenario. It has also impacted SkinVision as more people are now accepting the use of digital healthcare. The company is observing new users sign up, who require the option of performing initial skin checks from home. This results in peace of mind from not venturing out and also lowers stress on the system. 

SkinVision’s CEO Erik de Heus also talks about the company’s partnership with UV-Fashion. Heus says, “While we aim to help people detect skin cancer early, we also recognize that creating a skincare routine and practicing sun safety plays an equally important role in preventing skin cancer. UV-Fashions has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to UV protection and offers high-quality UV products which enable people to enjoy the sun safely.” 

Under the partnership, SkinVision’s customers will have access to UV-Fashions offering at a discounted price. Similarly, the latter’s customers will also have access to SkinVision’s service at a promotional rate.

Both companies will be working to create digital awareness. Currently, they are running some giveaways on their social media channels. People participating will have a chance to win UV-Fashions products in addition to a SkinVision Year Plan. 

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