Temper reportedly raises more than €4M growth capital: 5 reasons why Dutch online startup will shake up hospitality industry



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When it comes to finding gigs be it a freelancing job or contracts a few years back, we never had it so good. With the rise in the Internet, there has been an increasing demand for the freelancing jobs, where the companies look to outsource people with no strings attached and work with them to achieve their business goals.

In this case, the marketplaces for freelancing service essentially provides a platform where the individual gets listed and businesses can post the project. All you need to do is get out there and identify the opportunities that satisfy you.

Recently, Temper, the online marketplace for freelancers has roped in the Venture investor Slingshot on board as a new shareholder to scale up their company in other markets as well.

#1 Aims to scale up in Germany

The growth capital comes from the Amsterdam venture capitalist, which is expected to be more than €4 million reportedly, so far the highest amount that Slingshot invested. According to Paul Eggink, co-founder of Temper, they want to gain a foothold in the German labour market and have to grow from fifty to three hundred employees over the next two years.

#2 Innovation in labor market

Temper is the new online marketplace for freelancers in the hospitality industry, where both clients and contractors can search for each other. To be more specific, this is an on-demand service where self-employed people, without the intervention of an employment agency, can be deployed by hotels, bars, restaurants and clubs. It’s worth mentioning here the freelancers can choose when to work, at what time and for how long to work as well.

#3 More than 50,000 registered

Meanwhile, more than 50,000 freelancers registered already on the platform. Paul Eggink also added that more and more people prefer freedom over a permanent appointment and start working as freelancers. With this platform, clients can choose which Tempers best suit their business, provides clear information with every shift in advance who is going to work, and at what rate.

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#4 Builds reputation through assessment!

Once the shifts are over, the Tempers build the freelancers reputation by means of an assessment, which in turn makes them qualify for more shifts as well. In fact, the companies can create their own set of freelancers who have previously worked well with them. Having said that, clients are not bound by employment contracts or fixed costs. It also charges both parties a fee per hour worked.

#5 Goes beyond catering industry!

This platform is already used in various catering business from luxury hotels to restaurant chains and catering events like Hotel Night. At present, it is only active in the catering industry, but expansion to retail is imminent. Till now, Eggnik said 1.5 million hours of work has been arranged while receiving the LOEY talent award last week.

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