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As expected, the world’s leading tech event, Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 is creating waves this week and it is jam-packed with some crazy innovations along with drool-worthy products. The annual event just gave us a glimpse of what future technology possibly be like. Taking place in Las Vegas, this tech version of heaven has over 180,000 attendees from 155 countries including Fortune 500 executives, manufacturers, retailers, VC’s and much more.

As a matter of fact, CES acts as a global stage for some startup where their ideas might get funded and secure some important connections as well. In this article, we have listed out the startups (alumni, previous winners and finalists) supported by Europe’s leading accelerator, EIT Digital Accelerator that you can meet and interact with. Take a look!



Based out France, EasyBroadcast offers a groundbreaking end-to-end OTT solution for broadcasters and enterprises. Founded in 2016, this company propose a hybrid solution combining standard unicast delivery (CDN) model with Peer-to-Peer adaptive streaming mode.

As a result, Bandwidth costs can be cut by up to 75% for video contents and up to 90% for audio content effectively since it optimises the bandwidth consumed. You can check them out at Booth: Sands, Hall G – 53109.


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Founded by Alexis Susset in 2015, Enerbrain has developed an energy retrofit solutions that turns large buildings into smarter, healthier & more sustainable ones, allowing drastic cuts in consumption as well as a significant improvement in internal comfort.

Based out of Italy, the Enerbrain system provides the application of plug & play sensors in the building and a device to act to regulate in real time ventilation, heating and cooling based on various parameters. You can get in touch with them at Booth: Sands, Hall G – 53221.



Toposens builds highly robust and low-cost near-field 3D ultrasound vision technology for robotics and autonomous vehicles. Based out Munich, this company was founded by Alexander Rudoy, Rinaldo Persichini, and Tobias Bahnemann. In fact, Toposens sensors use echolocation to generate real-time 3D point clouds to guide autonomous systems across a variety of applications.

This CES 2019, Toposens will unveil the Automotive Development Kit – to the public for the first time. This kit is focused entirely on the companies who want to prototype and implement the 3D ultrasound sensor technology on their own. You can interact with them on Booth: Sands, Hall G – 52302.



This Scandinavian startup pioneer a creative approach to home security. Its Point security system is an all-in-one device that monitors various factors in the home, including motion, noise, humidity, pressure and mold risk. It is power by a rechargeable battery that lasts for 3-6 months depending on environmental conditions.

If something happens at home, Point sends a notification to your phone. Based out of Sweden, this company was founded by Fredrik Ahlberg, Marcus Ljungblad, Martin Lööf, and Nils Mattisson. For communication, you can check out Booth: Sands, Hall G – 52301.



This startup develops Artificial Intelligence software solutions that can recognise people’s gestures and behaviour in real-time. In fact, it can respond to natural human behaviour, from explicit hand gestures to implicit expressions and movement. Founded by Andrea Halfpap and Germán León, Marcel Alcoverro, Gestoos is based out of Barcelona. You can check them out Booth: Sands, Hall G – 51312.



Vulog offers a comprehensive and customizable SaaS solution such as that enables mobility operators to launch and operate shared mobility services around the world. Based out France, this company provides the framework and business intelligence to get started within 3 months. Founded in 2006, Vulog is on a mission to foster green mobility and positive change for people, cities and our planet. If you are interested, you can check them out at Booth: North Hall -3737.



ProGlove develops smart gloves that enable manufacturing and logistics staff to work faster, safer and easier. Founded by Alexander Grots, Jonas Girardet, Paul Günther, and Thomas Kirchner in 2014, ProGlove is headquartered at Munich, Germany. They are available on Booth: Sands, Hall G – 52302 in CES 2019.



Founded in 2012 as a spin-off of TU München, AudEERING is a leading company in the field of intelligent audio analysis and artificial emotional intelligence. Through machine learning and big data processes, audEERINGs technology analyses the acoustics of surroundings, speech and more than 50 mental states of the speaker. You can check them out on Booth: South Hall 4 – 35205.



Based out of France, Uavia is a robotic platform that enables industries to connect autonomous drones and robots to the cloud. With this, multiple users can use Uavia’s control fleets of smart drones. Founded by Clement Christomanos and Luc CLÉMENT in 2015, you can contact them at Booth: Sands, Hall G – 53111.

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