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In a world full of technology, have you ever wondered why opening and closing of window blinds are still not automated?

Kindow Blinds, a Dutch startup is taking the problem head-on by offering intelligent daylight control motorized blinds to optimize comfort and energy savings in office buildings.

When light is poorly distributed, parts of the ceiling and general surroundings will seem dark and gloomy. Substantial differences in light levels force your eyes to re-adjust when moving from one light level to the other. Workers may find it difficult or impossible to see properly,” observed Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety. Kindow Blinds claims that it solves two problems for company spaces i.e. reducing the energy bill while increasing employee productivity.

Workplace lighting has a major influence on employee behavior

Several research studies [1, 2] indicate that physical environment including lighting, acoustics, and ergonomic design plays an important role in employee productivity. “Daylight also impacts the mood of occupants of a building“, observed another study.

With this in mind, Kindow’s features like automatic sun-tracking, and automated winter and summer mode in window blinds make sense. Kindow’s products can help optimize a building’s performance by saving costs on lighting, heating, and cooling. The result is “an improvement of 1-5% in workforce productivity”, claims Kindow Blinds.

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“We want to make buildings better places to work and live in. We want to optimize the use of energy in buildings and to increase comfort by regulating daylight,” said Sam Kin, CEO and co-founder of Kindow.

Kindow’s main components & the rationale for vertical blinds

Kindow’s smart blinds solution consists of a rail, blinds, and optional components like a gateway you can attach to BMS (building management system), solar power supply, and Kindow smartphone app.

People who don’t like to get high-tech because after all, these are just blinds, they can choose to just get the basic solution which includes a rail and blinds up and running in a few hours.

Kindow Blinds’ unique feature is automated sun-tracking whereby blinds will follow the sun, allowing for more view and daylight. The blinds follow the sun to keep out heat and glare while allowing view and daylight.

Vertical blinds may sound as old-fashioned but Kindow’s goal is to put them back on the map. Some of the major advantages of vertical blinds (compared to horizontal ones) include:

#1 Optimal for daylight control.

#2 Perfect for partial coverage.

#3 Easier to maintain and use as less dust accumulates on them.

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