US-based Thoughtworks launches European AI Hub to drive innovation through AI solutions



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Chicago-based Thoughtworks, a technology consultancy that integrates strategy, design and engineering to drive digital innovation, announced on Tuesday, August 22, the launch of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) Hub in Europe.

The hub offers a variety of services aimed at helping European leaders develop AI-powered solutions that closely match their business strategies and goals.

Mikko Rekola, CTO of Bolt.Works, says, “The collaboration with Thoughtworks went well from day one. They created a comprehensive plan and helped kickstart our AI development, using modern technologies. All aspects of our business have benefited from the results, saving us a substantial amount of time and allowing us to provide better quality to our customers.”

Helping Europe develop AI-powered solutions

The AI Hub’s purpose extends beyond efficiency gains to fostering innovation. It highlights AI’s potential to transform strategic decision-making and product creation. 

The hub encourages a collaborative relationship between AI and humans where AI acts as a supportive “technology co-worker” that enhances human skills rather than replacing them.

Peter Buhrmann, Managing Director of Thoughtworks Europe, says, “AI for business is now developing at speed and formulating an AI strategy will help businesses to navigate through the noise to the real business gains.”

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“Thoughtworks Europe’s AI Hub addresses all aspects of AI, including generative AI, and makes the crucial connection between AI, business strategy and execution. We ensure our clients go beyond the hype cycle and make an extraordinary impact in a more human-centric AI future,” adds Buhrmann.

The AI Hub in Europe provides a holistic approach to businesses by combining business strategy, human-centered AI services, and technical expertise. Its services ensure that AI investments align with business value and technical advancements. 

The modular offerings include portfolio management, AI maturity assessment, risk evaluation, and use case identification, helping businesses develop and implement effective AI strategies.

Brief about Thoughtworks

Established in 1993, Thoughtworks is a worldwide technology consultancy that combines strategy, design, and engineering to enable enterprises and technology disruptors to thrive.

Thoughtworks draws on its experience to help clients navigate change effectively. They employ data, AI, and adaptable technology platforms to create value and deliver “exceptional” digital products and experiences at scale.

With a workforce of more than 11,500 individuals in 51 offices across 18 countries, the company has a three-decade history of collaborating with clients to address intricate business challenges using technology as a differentiating factor.


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