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1 – Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning

The trend of using Artificial Intelligence in robotics and automation keeps growing. The emergence of generative AI opens-up new solutions. This subset of AI is specialized to create something new from things it’s learned via training, and has been popularized by tools such as ChatGPT. Robot manufacturers are developing generative AI-driven interfaces which allow users to program robots more intuitively by using natural language instead of code. Workers will no longer need specialized programming skills to select and adjust the robot´s actions.

2 – Cobots expanding to new applications

Human-robot collaboration continues to be a major trend in robotics. Rapid advances in sensors, vision technologies and smart grippers allow robots to respond in real-time to changes in their environment and thus work safely alongside human workers.

3 – Mobile Manipulators

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Mobile manipulators – so called “MoMas” – are automating material handling tasks in industries such as automotive, logistics or aerospace. They combine the mobility of robotic platforms with the dexterity of manipulator arms. This enables them to navigate complex environments and manipulate objects, which is crucial for applications in manufacturing.

4 – Digital Twins

Digital twin technology is increasingly used as a tool to optimize the performance of a physical system by creating a virtual replica. Because the twin exists purely as a computer model, it can be stress-tested and modified with no safety implications while saving costs. Digital twins bridge the gap between digital and physical worlds.

5 – Humanoid Robots

Robotics is witnessing significant advancements in humanoids, designed to perform a wide range of tasks in various environments. The human-like design with two arms and two legs allows the robot to be used flexibly in work environments that were actually created for humans. It can therefore be easily integrated e.g. into existing warehouse processes and infrastructure.

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