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“Today’s municipalities are under constant pressure to maintain existing infrastructure,” said Murray Lodge, executive vice president, Topcon. “With rising maintenance costs, ever-decreasing margins, tighter specifications, and an increasing focus on meeting sustainability targets, the industry needs innovative approaches to resurface roads efficiently with smooth and long-lasting results. That is precisely what our decades-long dedication to designing new technologies for the paving industry positions us to continue to provide with our expanding intelligent paving portfolio.”

The MC-Max Asphalt Paving and MC-Max Milling systems, which are made up of GNSS receivers, total stations, displays, and other high-precision sensors, are built with the new MC-X machine control platform. This architecture provides highly customized systems and upgradeability paths to grow with a contractor’s needs.

Users can choose from entry-level 2D systems that follow a reference, such as a string or a curb, or automated solutions that track a paver or miller in 3D for drastically improved road smoothness in less time and with lower costs. Contractors can automatically pave and mill at variable depths, providing a better driving experience and meeting DOT-mandated smoothness standards. The solutions also include MC-X licensing options, providing customers with further flexibility to meet their specific project and budget requirements.

The new solutions are currently compatible with OEM CAN-based systems and will be expanded to include compatibility with additional aftermarket systems.

One of the standout optional features of the solutions is the Virtual Ski intelligent software,” Lodge said. Expanding on the capabilities of the company’s SmoothRide road resurfacing solution, Virtual Ski simplifies workflows and is designed for specific resurfacing applications, such as rural roads where there are fewer fixed points or intersections to match up to.

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“Our mobile road scanner easily creates a 3D model of the existing road surface, which can be sent to the machine using our Sitelink3D cloud solution,” Lodge said. “Simply scan and mill or lay the base layer and let the milling machine or the paver do the surface design job instead of all that data having to go back to the office for the design work. This results in the elimination of the cumbersome physical ski, the production of a smooth surface more quickly with less effort, and significant time savings. Thanks to the flexible, digital calculation, which follows the road direction even in tight curves, the overall quality and lifespan of the resurfaced road is improved.”

Another advancement for the portfolio is the company’s newest RD-MC road construction machine control solution, which can now be utilized in areas without satellite reception by leveraging an LPS solution, offering precise positioning when working in challenging GNSS coverage areas, further expanding a contractor’s capabilities.

The new solutions were announced at World of Asphalt 2024 in Nashville.

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