Utrecht-based MiniBrew raises €2.6M funding: Dutch startup develops first robot to make beer at home



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According to Olivier van Oord, co-founder, MiniBrew, “Beer consists up to 95% of water and while shipping, the Dutch import over 1.3 billion litres of water over water, which contributes a lot to the carbon footprint, and we at MiniBrew aim to reduce the beer miles, globally.”

The Dutch startup launched a unique beer brewing platform in a bid to ignite the creation and diversity of craft beer over a patented beer brewing and dispense solution. Which Olivier notes, “allows anyone to become a brewer.”

Unites people with interest in craft beer brewing!

Still not heard of MiniBrew? Well, that’s a shame! Founded by Bart van de Kooij and Olivier van Oord in 2015, the Utrecht-based startup has developed a brewing robot which can produce beer at home and a smartphone application that guide users at every step of the brewing process.

By using sensors, innovative engineering and Wi-Fi connectivity, MiniBrew can manage every process and function of the beer brewing process which ensures professional quality craft beer.

On winning TEDx Amsterdam award

Recently, MiniBrew won the 2018 TEDx Amsterdam Award. On winning, Olivier van Oord, Co-founder of MiniBrew feels, “It’s an honour! I am extremely proud of the team and the way we worked over the years, it is rewarding. In fact, it is hard to develop a product that utilises so many materials. But, we are delighted with the direction our company is heading to.”

As a part of the reward, MiniBrew has won two membership of co-working place Spaces and a consultancy worldwide. In fact, Olivier van Oord consider this as an important reward since they have customers over in 30 countries.

He also added that ” Getting a free consultancy is really great because you need to have a very strong foundation to scale businesses, especially in case of International ambitions.”

MiniBrew automates everything!

MiniBrew has developed an all-in-one-brewing system by integrating the brewing process and fermentation in just one machine. The automated machine comes with multiple advantages including a temperature controlled fermentation that ensures the perfect conditions during the whole process.

There is also no need to manually transfer your beer into serving kegs since MiniBrew uses the same keg to brew, ferment and serve. Further, MiniBrew is equipped with an automatic integrated cleaning system which perfectly auto-sanitises before and after each brew.

Expansion plans for the US and Canada around 2020

The MiniBrew already serves in EU, Olivier notes, “We have managed to build a community in more than 30 countries, globally.” In fact, the Utrecht startup commenced their operation in London three months back, and they planning to expand in Finland in the next couple of months.

Further, the company is concentrating on expanding their market initially in Europe followed by the US and Canada around 2020. “Olivier informed, “In 2019, we’ll be rolling out in the whole EU, and we’ll prepare North and South America Launch in 2020. But the biggest markets are the emerging ones like China and India, what has our attention too, with the majority of the ‘millennials’ population in the world.”

He also added, “When you start an operation in a country, it is important to find a person with a strong connection with the community and of course the ability to run the business for you.”

Growth capital of €2.6M

Recently, the company has raised a growth capital of €2.6m from undisclosed investors. He also said, “We did crowdfunding but pulled off, as now we got additional investments of €2.6 million from existing and new investors, this month itself.” Previously, MiniBrew had secured €3 million from its founders, investors and Indiegogo campaign.

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Reduce the food miles of beer!

According to Olivier van Oord, the vision of MiniBrew is to reduce the food miles of beer, by stimulating brewing ingenuity to inspire the brewers of tomorrow. He adds, “there will be a time no transportation of bottles will be needed, to experience and get world-class tap fresh beers in your home without a single bottle being shipped.”

Having said that, it didn’t stop here, as MiniBrew is looking into different business models. “Apart from home brewery we also want to get into the big market of hotels and bars. And we will upgrade our product accordingly.”

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