Vibrint and pureLiFi Launch Revolutionary LiFi Solution for National Security Environments



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  • See the first public demonstration of Vibrint LiFi at GEOINT May 5-8 in Vibrint booth no. 2131.

“Secure communication is one of the most targeted aspects of today’s battlespaces. Closing that vulnerability gap is a major priority for our customers, and that’s exactly what we’ve done with Vibrint LiFi,” said Tom Lash, CEO of Vibrint. “This revolutionary capability uses light instead of radio waves to create communications networks. Vibrint LiFi combines proven leading-edge commercial technologies to introduce unprecedented levels of security and speed to operational communications, applicable to any national security environment. We look forward to demonstrating its full potential to the national security community at GEOINT and beyond.”

How it Works

Traditional radio frequency networks lack the security and performance offered by Vibrint LiFi. By leveraging light waves instead of radio waves, this innovative solution ensures military-grade security, interference-free operation and lightning-fast speed — essential for maintaining mission readiness in dynamic national security environments.

The Vibrint LiFi offering includes the Vibrint LiFi Laptop powered by pureLiFi, and pureLiFi’s LiFi Cube™ and Kitefin system. Together, these elements form a customizable communications ecosystem that complies with IEEE 802.11bb standards, empowering national security agencies with unprecedented flexibility and adaptability in network deployment.

“Vibrint’s commitment to innovation aligns seamlessly with our vision for the future of wireless communication,” said Alistair Banham, CEO of pureLiFi. “Together, we are poised to revolutionize how national security agencies approach secure connectivity, empowering them with the tools needed to succeed in an ever-evolving threat landscape.”

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Vibrint LiFi Benefits

Vibrint LiFi is available in customizable solutions that deliver:

  • Enhanced Security: Military-grade encryption and near-zero electromagnetic signature ensure mission-critical data remains secure.
  • Unparalleled Performance: Experience lightning-fast speeds and reliable connectivity even in the most challenging operational environments.
  • Rapid Deployment: Deploy and dismantle secure wireless networks with unprecedented speed and ease.
  • Resilience: Immunity to spectrum scanning, jamming and interference ensures continuous communication in any scenario.
  • Flexibility: Adapt to mission requirements on the fly with customizable network configurations and deployment options.

The partnership between Vibrint and pureLiFi signals a new era of wireless communication innovation for the national security market. Co-development efforts are ongoing to deliver even more advanced solutions tailored to Vibrint customers’ unique needs.

About Vibrint

Vibrint helps national security customers Make the Right Call, sustaining mission advantage at the forefront of intelligence gathering and analysis. Our teams of technologists, analysts and mission specialists pursue innovation in high-performance computing, SIGINT research and analysis, software and systems development, and mission resilience. The systems we create and the services we provide enhance our customers’ capacity and capability for harvesting and harnessing data, enhancing the quality and speed of mission-critical decisions. Within our Collaboration Lab environment, we leverage our technical expertise to explore future capabilities vital to the U.S. national security mission. Based in Annapolis Junction, Maryland. Find us at and @Vibrint on LinkedIn and Instagram.

About pureLiFi

pureLiFi is the global leader in LiFi technology. We are bringing to market the world’s first commercial light antennas—the optoelectronic components that make LiFi possible—for all kinds of devices, from industrial to consumer and from smart cars to smartphones.

pureLiFi also offers LiFi systems for customers who need to augment, enhance, or transform their wireless networks with the latest in wireless communications technology.

pureLiFi was founded by the “Father of LiFi” Prof. Harald Haas and Dr. Mostafa Afgani in 2012. Based in Edinburgh, we have customers and partners worldwide.


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Sarah Scace (for pureLiFi)

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