Dublin’s edtech startup Zick Learn bags €500K to change how companies train employees



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Dublin-based Zick Learn, an edtech startup, announced on Thursday that it has secured £430K (~€500K) in its latest round of funding. 

Founded in 2021, the company focuses on changing how companies train their employees.

“Through this funding, we plan to expand our capabilities and propel Zick Learn to the forefront of the e-learning market here in the United Kingdom and indeed across Europe,” says Matteo Penzo, co-founder and CEO of Zick Learn.

The team plans to grow its human resources by 50% so that it can create more product offerings. Adding headcounts will also accelerate its integration into new platforms, such as WhatsApp and Slack.

Italian edtech investment firm Zanichelli Venture led the firm’s latest fundraising with participation from several angel investors. Zanichelli Venture director, Enrico Poli, says his team was “delighted” to take part in Zick Learn’s journey. He described the startup’s technology as “current, concise, and convenient.”

“The last couple of years have been really interesting, with so much innovation in the edtech and digital learning space,” says Poli. “Zick Learn is doing something entirely new and we see great potential in its drive to shake up the approach to corporate learning and development.”

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The edtech sector in Europe is growing rapidly, with over €60 billion in valuation last year. By 2028, the sector is expected to double its 2022 value.

‘Microlearning’ as future of corporate training

Companies use methods like online seminars and slideshows to train their employees. Unfortunately, modern employees don’t always consider these traditional methods helpful. 

Traditional training sessions often take up a considerable amount of time, disrupting the employees’ workflow. It’s difficult for workers to concentrate on the training materials while thinking about their unfinished tasks. 

To solve this problem, Zick Learn uses a microlearning approach to deliver course materials in a simple yet effective manner. 

Microlearning is a teaching strategy where learners receive bite-sized content that only takes them minutes to digest. This strategy prevents the so-called learning fatigue because learners have the freedom to choose when they’re learning.

According to research, microlearning can enhance focus and long-term content retention by nearly double that of the traditional learning approach. 

Zick Learn’s Learners Manager enables companies to distribute training materials in small chunks to employees. The technology can be integrated into the company’s existing platform, such as corporate chat clients. The startup claims that it creates a frictionless learning experience for all employees.

The intelligent solution provides a way for the company to design, deliver, and monitor employee training. The Composer function helps companies create a training plan from beginning to end. It is equipped with an intuitive editor that simplifies course creation. The company can even include mandatory assessments and manage content delivery with the tool.

One of the challenges in microlearning is the difficulty of tracking everyone’s progress manually. According to Zick Learn, its tool can help companies monitor how their employees learn. It creates a personalised learning experience, which is necessary as each individual learns at a different pace.

Data showed that companies worldwide generally spent €1.17K to train each employee. Zick Learn provides analytics so that companies can determine the effectiveness of their training programmes. Accurate training analytics help companies balance training effectiveness and cost, allowing them to save money.


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